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Understanding the health care needs of Veterans

Learn about ethnographic research conducted to help address Veterans' needs across the health care system.

Key findings highlighted in this qualitative research illustrate the commitment of Optum Serve to continually find ways to improve the health care experience and better the lives of our Military Service Members and Veterans.

Military man embracing his family

Veterans’ health care needs are unique and complex

In order to properly care for the Veteran population, it’s important to first understand their health care needs. Optum Serve conducted ethnographic research to get a closer look at Veterans’ mindsets and day-to-day experiences related to health care. The research identified frequent challenges, unmet health care needs, and opportunities to help forge a path toward delivering better care.

Across five U.S. markets, more than 100 Veterans were interviewed in their homes and, in some cases, accompanied to related medical appointments. With the goal of better understanding Veteran engagements with health care services and resources, the study offers a valuable glimpse into the successes and struggles that Veterans face when moving through the health care system.

Read the white paper to learn more about the research methodology and key findings.

Ethnographic research: Understanding the health care needs of Veterans.

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