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Insights for federal government agencies

At Optum Serve, we feel immensely honored and privileged to support federal agencies in their efforts to advance the U.S. health system.

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Gratitude for Heroism

In recognition of women Veterans and Service Members

Optum Serve has established Gratitude for Heroism to honor the women who have served in the past and present.

Program integrity services

Get support for crucial federal government programs.

Emergency preparedness

Helping prevent, respond to and recover from crises.

Federal health services

Specializing in military and Veteran health care.

O4 Hubs


Global Nurse Advice Line

Supporting mission-critical programs for federal health agencies

Visualizing fraud, waste and abuse

Graph analytics and machine learning drive the future of program integrity.

Utilize technology to harness disparate data

Invest in long-term fraud prevention.

Automate fraud, waste and abuse

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) can help federal agencies improve program integrity, cut costs and deter fraud.

How to Respond to COVID-19 Disparities in Health Care | Optum

In this Optum Serve issue brief, data and analytics show why health disparities occur and how to address them to drive better outcomes across all populations.

Teaming up with task force movement

Learn how Optum Serve is helping to advance the health and well-being of Veterans and spouses in the trucking and cybersecurity workforce.

Social determinants of health

Completing the health data picture

U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command

Optum Serve conducts physical and mental examinations for military applicants.

Vaccine cold chain

Vaccine cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain process that maintains the potency of vaccines during the storage and distribution process.

Increasing Value Through Higher Volume

Improve revenue integrity by expanding admission reviews.

Delivering Value-Based Care for Veterans Affairs & DOD | Optum

Best practices to help transition to value-based care.

Understanding the health care needs of Veterans

Ethnographic research conducted to help address Veterans' needs across the health care system.

Telephone Lifestyle Coaching for Veterans

Optum Serve can help Veterans achieve health and wellness goals using TLC. Promote well-being, prevent illness and reduce the burden of chronic conditions.

Leveraging commercial health care technologies

Apply AI and program integrity practices in government.

Optum Serve health technology and consulting solutions

Improving health across the nation to serve our federal customers

Veterans Benefits Administration

They honored their commitment. It's time to honor ours.

Health Care's Guide to Machine Learning

What you need to know about AI's latest buzzword.

COVID-19 Area Vulnerability Index

Prioritize resources and optimize care to fight COVID-19.

Deliver program integrity efficiencies

Curb fraud, waste and abuse for federal agencies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We utilize RPA to advance federal government programs.

Reserve Health Readiness Program

Customized health care solutions for the DoD.

Preventing suicide among our nation's Veterans

See how Optum Serve, along with the PREVENTS Initiative, is helping in the collective effort to eliminate suicide among military and Veteran populations.

Optum Serve: Protecting taxpayer dollars

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars | Optum Serve

Applying robotic process automation (RPA) for compliance

See how RPA helped saved 9,465 hours and $950,000 over five years in our client use case example.

Human Centered Design in Health Care

This Optum white paper shows how human-centered design builds technology and programs that are easy and intuitive for consumers to use.

Gratitude for Heroism

Optum Serve is proud to recognize female Service Members and Veterans.

Center for Behavioral Health and Resilience

Our goal is to promote equitable delivery of behavioral health services and support individual and community resilience.

Supporting those who serve

Optum Serve is proud to support Military Service Members, Veterans and their families.

The Health Equity Alignment Solution (HEALS)

HEALS is a data analytics solution that highlights where and how inequities occur within a community, state or a health plan’s member population.

Priority Identification Vaccine Operating Tool (PIVOT)

PIVOT provides the data analytics and visualization needed to optimize planning, administration and monitoring of vaccines.

Vaccine Outreach - Implementing Community Engagement (VOICE)

VOICE addresses vaccine hesitancy in at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Partnering to reduce fraud, waste and abuse

We partner with federal agencies to address challenges and support their unique needs through technologies, solutions and best practices.

Supporting Veteran truckers

Learn how Optum Serve supports Veterans through a whole-health approach to work and life.

Getting ahead of the mental health crisis

See how leaders are advancing data strategies, screenings and exploring ways to connect consumers to mental health support.