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Enhance claims payment accuracy

Everyone involved in health care delivery wants accurate billing and payment. Our team partners with providers, payers and other stakeholders to improve accuracy and transparency.

Our payment integrity solutions can be implemented at any stage. And they integrate with your existing processes.

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Explore our solutions

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Comprehensive Payment Integrity

Centralize payment integrity for increased results.
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Claims Pricing Solutions

Drive prospective payment system pricing accuracy and efficiency with Optum® EASYGroup™.

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Claims Validation

Detect suspicious claims and pend for human review.
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EDI Messaging

Achieve higher first-pass billing accuracy.
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Provider Education

Enhance billing accuracy and provider relations.
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Claims Coding Solution

Control rising emergency outpatient facility cost.
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Claims Edit System

Edit claims for all business lines and claim types.
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Network Solutions

Our solutions focus on out-of-network claims.
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Coordination of Benefits

Help members identify additional insurance.
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Data Mining

Obtain a full view of claims paid in error.
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Itemized Bill Review

Save on high-dollar inpatient cases.
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Maximize recoveries with member sensitivity.
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Credit Balance

Maximize overpayment recovery.
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Payment Recovery

Focus on claims resolution.
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Advisory Services

Take the proactive path to payment integrity.

Realize cost savings with our payment integrity solutions