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Health savings accounts (HSAs)

HSAs allow you to save for health expenses that you’re expecting, like prescriptions — as well as the unexpected ones life brings your way.

New to an HSA? Learn the basics

An HSA is a tax-advantaged account that helps you pay for qualified medical expenses. The funds are yours to spend forever — even if you retire, change jobs or change health plans.

Tax savings

An HSA provides triple tax savings — contributions are not taxed, account growth through interest and investment earnings are not taxed, and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are income tax free. It’s a win-win to save on health costs today, tomorrow and even through retirement.

Pay the smarter way

Your HSA card is a fast and convenient way to pay for qualified expenses while skipping the paperwork. From trips to the doctor to everyday care like cold medicine and first aid kits, simply pay using your HSA card and you're all set. Plus, you'll save up to 30% because you're using pretax dollars.*

Make the most of your HSA

Go you. By opening an HSA, you've taken the first step to take charge of health costs. Learn more about how to make the most of your HSA.

What is your max?

Are you taking full advantage of all of your HSA's tax benefits by contributing the maximum each year? Check your contribution amount today.

Manage contributions

Swipe and save

Using your HSA card is the fast and convenient way to pay for your health expenses, from braces to bandages, and chiropractors to contacts.

Get started now

Tax questions

Your HSA is a tax-advantaged account that can help you pay for qualified medical expenses for you and anyone you claim on your taxes.

Visit our tax center

Invest in your future

Once your HSA reaches a certain designated balance, you can accelerate your financial wellness by choosing to invest a portion of your HSA.

Start investing today

The Optum Store

Use your HSA dollars

Use your HSA card at Optum Store to shop HSA-eligible items all in one place.

Plus you save up to 30%* since you’re using pretax dollars. Get an extra 5% off with code OPTHSA5 to save even more.*

Fund your HSA

Boost your balance

Contributing to your HSA is hassle free and tax free. Plus, it's always on your terms, giving you a health expense cushion when you need it.

Use your HSA dollars

What can I buy?

Does your expense qualify? Use our search tool below to find out what expenses you can spend your HSA dollars on.

Helpful links

Browse additional solutions to help you better understand your HSA.

Investment options

Investing part of your HSA balance makes your money work even harder — potentially growing tax free for future health expenses.

Save for retirement

​An HSA isn’t just to pay for medical expenses — it is a long-term savings tool that can help you meet your retirement goals.

Transfer your HSA

Already have a HSA with another provider? Save time by combining your HSA funds into one account with Optum Financial.

Shop and save

It’s easy to find qualified products at your favorite retailers. Use your HSA card for extra convenience and save 30%.

HSA-FSA card: Pay the smarter way

Learn more about the convenient way to pay for qualified expenses.

Boost your HSA balance

Take full advantage of your HSA tax benefits by contributing the maximum.

Move accounts painlessly

Changing HSA administrators doesn’t have to be chaotic. Our implementation specialists will help make the process seamless.

ConnectYourCare, now part of Optum Financial, has earned the distinction to serve as an IRS-designated non-bank trustee.

IRS notice of approval

Frequently asked questions about your HSA

If you’ve just opened an HSA, browse our new account holder checklist to get off to a good start.

You can also visit our resource library for videos and other educational materials to help you make the most of your HSA.

It’s easy to find qualified HSA and FSA products at your favorite retailers. Find out whether your expense is qualified by checking out the qualified medical expense tool. Pay with your HSA card every time for faster payouts and less paperwork, plus, you save up to 30%* because you’re using pre-tax dollars.

There are three ways to make a contribution to your HSA.

Set up recurring contributions

Sign in to your account to set up recurring contributions to ensure you’re contributing the maximum allowed by the IRS each year.

Make a one-time contribution

If you haven’t contributed the maximum allowed by the IRS, you can make a one-time contribution to your account at any time.

Employer payroll deductions

Some employers offer payroll deductions. You should check with your employer to see if payroll deduction contributions are available to you.

Learn more about making a contribution to your HSA.

The IRS sets guidelines for how much you can contribute to an HSA each year. To learn more about the annual HSA contribution limits, visit our HSA contribution limits page. 

Sign in to your account today and check your contribution limit. 

No. You can keep your account, and the money in it remains yours, no matter what, even if you change jobs or move off a qualifying high-deductible health plan.

No. You can open and contribute to an HSA at age 65 or later as long as you meet HSA eligibility requirements, which are:

  • You’re covered on an HSA-qualified medical plan.
  • You’re not someone else’s tax dependent.
  • You don’t have any conflicting coverage (including enrollment in Medicare). Turning age 65 does not, in and of itself, preclude you from remaining HSA-eligible absent any disqualifying coverage.

You currently have diverse investment options in your HSA, including self-directed mutual funds and digitally managed investments from Betterment. You can choose to invest based on how experienced you are and how involved you want to be in selecting your investments.

I want help investing and don’t want to spend a lot of time managing my portfolio. Can I get help investing?

You may choose to have Betterment manage your investment funds. Betterment is an independent online investment advisor and combines low-cost, tax-efficient investment strategies with technology and personalized advice to help you pursue your financial goals.

Once you answer a few brief questions about your investment goals and priorities, Betterment will build a personalized portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with investment mixes and risk levels that are suitable for you.

I have some investment experience and prefer mutual funds. Can I choose my own investments?

You may choose from among a number of pre-selected mutual funds from nationally recognized fund families. These have been selected to offer a broad and diverse range of investment objectives, with high Morningstar ratings and some of the lowest expense ratios in the industry.

*Savings compares using pre-tax income in your HSA to using after tax income for purchases and assumes a 30% combined tax rate from all applicable federal, state, and FICA taxes. Results and amount will vary depending on your circumstances.