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Mental health insights

Learn about the latest industry trends, innovations and resources in mental health care benefits and support.

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Optum makes it easier to ask for help

We know mental health and emotional well-being are just as important as physical health. That’s why we guide people to personalized care that fits their unique needs with solutions for everyday life.

Behavioral Health Solutions for Medicaid

Targeted programs improve individual health and recovery

Behavioral Health Solutions for Health Plans

Seamless integration to advance whole person health

Global Emotional Wellbeing Solutions

Support for everyday life via a modern employee assistance program

Behavioral Health Solutions for Employers

Personalized access to mental health care across a full range of needs

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Creating better behavioral health care

We help people find care and support that’s easy to understand and access.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Get your greens

What’s one thing you can do today to improve your eating habits at home? Learn how a variety of fruits and vegetables impact your overall health and well-being.

Support for your entire workforce

Invest in your organization’s most valuable asset — the people — with solutions for everyday life.

One thing today: step it up

Habit tracking can help keep you honest when working towards a health goal.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Write it down

In this episode, get tips for writing down how spirituality and/or religion affect your care preferences so you're prepared for the future.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Seeing invisible labor

How we divide chores and childcare is an age-old problem, with women historically handling most of the work in the home.

Supporting the unique needs of firefighters

When the Minnesota Fire Service needed emotional well-being support for their firefighters, Optum stepped in to help.

Supporting people when they need it most

Learn how Optum helped a member find support after a loss.

Guiding Members To Treatment & Support

Helping Members Struggling With Substance Use Disorder.

7 Strategies for Meeting More Mental Health Needs

Discover how to create an interconnected network of services that help people get properly diagnosed, access support and sustain progress.

Mental health support for youth and caregivers

Youth are struggling more than ever before with their mental health and well-being. We can help.

Are Your Employees Checked Out or Mentally Present? | Optum

The key is to invest in wellbeing programmes that meet employees where they are — solutions for everyday life.

5 ways to improve employee well-being engagement

Discover 5 critical factors to ensure employees take advantage of your well-being offerings and engage with your wellness programs.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: together in health

We’re at the end of Season 3, and we’ve covered a lot of new ground on what’s being done to make health care work better for everyone.

Helping members achieve their goals

See how the right mental health care makes a difference.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: your health and having kids

Fertility is something you may not think about until you’re ready to have children.

Caring for clinicians: From burnout to wellness

CEO of Optum Care Solutions Dr. Patrick Conway explores how to move beyond burnout and focus on clinician wellness.

Wellbeing in the Workplace Study

Global employers share insights on their efforts to adapt wellbeing strategies to meet their greatest workplace challenges.

Bring your wellness strategy to life for employees

Discover how partnering with a health promotion specialist can help you unlock creative ways to engage your employees with wellness programs and initiatives.

Faster access to mental health care

Give employees guaranteed access to mental health care with the Premium Network model from Emotional Wellbeing Solutions.

Youth mental health research findings

In our new report, you'll learn key findings about the mental health needs of young people and their caregivers, and discover opportunities for intervention.

Tackling the youth mental health crisis

A board-certified adult, child and adolescent, and addiction psychiatrist discusses how to connect children and families to needed behavioral health solutions.

Help improve your health by decluttering

Tidying up can be good for both mind and body.

Supporting Youth Mental Health: On-Demand Webinar

Dr. Yusra Benhalim shares insights on the challenges we must overcome to reach youth.

Working together to help end the opioid epidemic

Opioids are powerful drugs with a high risk of misuse and dependence. A comprehensive solution can help address this complex problem.

Insights to improve outcomes and lower costs

Enabling providers and clinical teams with actionable patient data can create effective value-based care behavioral health programs.

Emotional Wellbeing Solutions for Health Care Workers

Support workers who put others first every day.

How to deal with holiday stress

Stay calm and enjoy your holiday season.

Optum Global EAP

The Optum Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a simple, seamless solution to support your global workforce.

Until It’s Fixed: A Health Care Podcast – Season 3

Join us on the inspiring journey to create a healthier world — and make health care simpler and more effective for everyone

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Working to be neuro-inclusive

What is one thing you can do today to encourage thinking differently at work?

Build a Culture of Health in the APAC Region

By engaging region-specific expertise, your company can strategically improve the well-being of its employees.

Hybrid work schedules impact employer H&W programmes

When we surveyed global employers, we found they are looking to increase the number of health and wellness (H&W) programmes they offer. Find out more.

Until It’s Fixed Podcast: figuring out fertility

When it comes to your health, fertility isn’t always something that’s discussed.

Addressing social determinants of health

Create solutions to eliminate barriers to care and support members.

Until it’s fixed podcast: Why we do therapy

In this episode, dig into the societal shift of talking more openly about seeing a therapist, how to find a therapist and the rise of app-based and teletherapy.

Supporting our kids

Mental health needs are increasing in youth. Experts share their insights on how to best support them so they can grow into healthy adults.

Behavioral Health Provider Digital Access Survey | Optum

Until it’s fixed podcast: Mental health resources

In this bonus episode, learn some tips for how to define and narrow down the options you have for mental health resources — whether they’re in-person or online.

Wellness Coaching helps motivate employees

As a wellness coach, I connect employees with tools and resources that align with their health and wellbeing goals.

Making a better future for mental health care

Guide members to the right behavioral health care when they need it.

Drive wellbeing programme utilisation

Strengthen your international wellbeing programme with an integrated health promotion specialist.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Black health

In this episode, explore the major health challenges facing the Black community, what needs to be done to improve health care and who's leading the way.

Support for substance use disorders

Expand access to evidence-based support to help individuals achieve stabilization and sustain recovery.

Emotional wellbeing support

Help your workforce take charge of their health, so they can be more resilient and present every day.

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in LATAM?

Employers in the LATAM region said employee physical and mental health are among the greatest challenges for their health and wellbeing (H&W) programmes. Find out what else we learned when Optum surveyed 347 global employers.

Arkansas' New Approach to Medicaid Management

See how data and analytics help Arkansas manage one of the state's most vital and widely used government programs.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Talking trash

Learn how to have an honest and productive conversation about household chores.

Support for long-term recovery

Find substance use disorder treatment that includes evidence-based resources and compassionate care for members and their communities.

Mental Health: Optum Addresses the Great Information Divide

Explore the challenges and opportunities in mining mental health data for individuals and communities.

Health and wellbeing offerings attract and retain talent

See what our 2022 Global Employer Insights Survey says about health and wellbeing (H&W) strategies and practices to help recruitment and retention.

Personalized support for members with autism

Optum is breaking barriers in supporting members and families who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Addressing adolescent mental health

Find solutions and resources for employers and health plans to support adolescent and caregiver mental health.

Support state Medicaid agency goals for members

Find out how a person-centered approach can help.

How are global employers driving employee engagement in health and wellness programmes?

Optum surveyed 347 global employers to better understand current health and wellbeing (H&W) practices. Employers told us how they’re motivating employees to engage in their own wellbeing.

Support the four pillars of wellbeing

International wellness expert Rayson Ng shares how companies can design wellbeing programmes to build a culture of health.

Getting ahead of the mental health crisis

See how leaders are advancing data strategies, screenings and exploring ways to connect consumers to mental health support.

Understanding college students' mental health needs

Read about the realities of campus behavioral health care and how we can make it better.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped work?

We surveyed large employers around the world to understand health and well-being strategies and practices. Find out what they said about offices and schedules.

Guided help for mental health support

We’re making it easier for people to access care.

Elevating employee engagement

Data-driven, targeted strategies help successfully increase employee use of mental health, financial and legal services.

Do employers care about employee financial wellbeing?

We surveyed 347 global employers to learn more about the importance of employee financial health in health and wellbeing (H&W) strategy.

Care Pathways study

Mental health specialists serve a critical role in reducing total cost of care for plan sponsors.

Addressing the root causes of mental health disparities

Discover steps and strategies to reduce disparities among vulnerable populations and remove barriers for more equitable mental health care.

Behavioral Health Solutions

We support the journey to better health.

Value-based care in behavioral health

Learn strategies to equip mental health clinicians for success in making the transition to value-based care.

Until It's Fixed Podcast: Care for body, mind and spirit

Spirituality and religion play an important role in many people’s lives — but not everyone feels comfortable bringing them up with a doctor. Learn how to start.

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in EMEA?

When Optum surveyed 347 global employers, companies in EMEA said understanding employees’ needs was one of their main challenges.