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Insights for Optum Advisory Services

Health care leaders turn to Optum Advisory Services for insights and strategies to help assert control over their organization’s future.

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White paper

5 priorities to improve financial performance

Get started prioritizing the path toward a sounder financial footing for your organization today.

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Accelerating growth

Make strategic investments in consumer engagement that drive growth.

2024 CMS Final Notice

Learn and plan for the potential impact on Medicare Advantage plans.

Government contracts

What to consider to win and manage Medicare and Medicaid members.

O4 Hubs


Connected care

Uncover leader insights and actions for creating a holistic care ecosystem.

Value-based insurance and network design

Optum has access to one of the industry’s largest health care data assets and many of the industry’s top professionals.

How Health Plans Can Improve Encounter Data Quality

C-suite Check-In: The Health Care Workforce Crisis

Research report uncovers impacts, obstacles and priorities.

Viewpoints on the 2024 CMS Advance Notice

In this webinar, health plans will hear Optum viewpoints on the proposed CMS changes and how they may affect your MA plan. Be prepared now.

Accelerate drug development with clinicogenomic RWE

Optum, Novartis and GuardantINFORM experts discuss the ever-increasing importance of clinicogenomic data during this Endpoints News webinar.

Achieving Growth Through Technology: Part 2

Health plan solutions designed to lower the cost of care

Tour our ecosystem of capabilities designed to tackle broad-based health plan challenges.

The fight for techquity

Get ideas for how to fundamentally change your approach to building technology and incorporate techquity into your organization.

Building a connected care model

An expert panel explores elements of a whole-health approach.

Social Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes

This study analyzes how social determinants of health (SDOH) variables impact the incidence and progression of Type 2 diabetes.

Digital equity across the health care system

Remove gaps and improve digital access for everyone.

The financial case for connected care

Get thought starters for assessing how a connected care model can strengthen your financial position.

Five tactics to unlock potential

Data and analytics to improve care experiences and outcomes.

Can automation cure workforce challenges?

Rethink how to support workers, while simplifying and improving care.

Connected care

See the whole picture for whole-person health.

PMSA Webinar: Avoiding common RWD pitfalls

Optum experts give a snapshot of commonly encountered pitfalls when using RWD and recommendations to help avoid them in this PMSA webinar.

Success stories in connected care

See how health organizations are creating new ways to deliver care.

Intelligent Automation Benefits for Health Plans | Optum

See how IA increases the throughput of the retro case developer process, reducing processing time and freeing resources for other high-value tasks.

The brave new world of digital transformation

Leaders preparing for life in the post-pandemic world are searching for ways to succeed with digital.

Survey: How patients feel about returning to care amidst COVID-19

Survey: How patients feel about returning to care amidst COVID-19

The Importance of Utilization Review for Hospitals in the COVID-19 Era

This Optum360 article shows how a high-performing utilization review process with fully leveraged AI can help hospitals preserve revenue integrity.

Health care network planning & optimization success

Learn how leaders can use data and analytics to make informed decisions on their network and drive actionable conversations with providers.

Overturning concurrent denials at Uniontown Hospital

Maximizing peer-to-peer reviews with an on-site physician advisor

Innovations in Health Monitoring, Care Management & Support

Linking health care and public health data improves care management, clinical care, and public health reporting and monitoring.

Realize agility through a modern digital infrastructure

A Q&A on digital innovation and how it can help organizations deliver on business and patient care goals

Financially preparing for a chronic condition

Learn about the emotional impact of chronic care and how deeply intertwined health and finances are. This paper also includes ideas for how to financially weather a chronic condition.

The patient clinical experience

Why we need to start talking about this.

Combining AI and utilization review improves client value

Understanding Optum360 AI-powered UR services

The American Rescue Plan and public health

ARP is an opportunity for state governments to improve public health through investment, infrastructure and innovation.

Navigating Forward: C-suite check-in — Research findings state of health care

Find out what 161 C-suite health care leaders think about how COVID-19 has changed the industry — and where we still must make progress.

HIMSS and Optum talk EHR strategies

Dr. John Kontor of Optum shares how EHR strategies provide numerous opportunities to improve and change health care.

Insights on improved care through technology and scale

John Muir Health shares how the organization uses technology to reach those in need of health care services.

Health plan pitfalls

Read a follow-up to Optum study of health plan executives.

Preparing a strategy roadmap for government programs entry

Amy Jensen, VP of Optum Advisory Services, outlines requirements for a new market expansion.

Approaching health inequity with straightforward action

Read the CEO’s guide for assessing bias and building trust.

Meeting consumers on their terms

Learn how relationships between consumers and health organizations are transforming.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Capitalize on the momentum around digital health solutions.

Address the challenge of Innovation

Ideation Hubs: Address the challenge of Innovation | Optum

The Path to 4+ Star Performance

Implications for 2023 Star Ratings

Your roadmap for driving growth

Use data and analytics to form your business development roadmap.

Natural language processing (NLP) and risk adjustment

We help to explain the role and benefits of NLP in risk adjustment programs.

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Preparing for the future of life sciences

Life sciences leaders are thinking differently with data to support novel strategies.

Generating fuel for growth

Generating fuel for growth

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Targeted care and lower cost: How one state achieved both

One state achieved both in delivering home health services.

Overcoming challenges to managing costs in health care

A Q&A about opportunities to improve margin performance

Targeted marketing can fine-tune your consumer reach

Targeted marketing can fine-tune your consumer reach

Setting and accelerating growth strategies

A Q&A about health care organization growth

Achieving revenue integrity in a changing and complex climate

A Q&A about revenue integrity trends, challenges and effective strategies for improvement.

Addressing health inequities to improve outcomes for all

CMOs play an important role in creating a safe, equitable health system.

2021 PEAK Matrix Report : HealthCare Top 20

2021 PEAK Matrix Report : HealthCare Top 20 | Optum

Electronic Health Records(EHR) Implement and Operate

Maximize your EHR investment through partnership.

Navigate the workforce challenge

Identify root causes of workforce upheaval and how to adjust policies, procedures and practices for stability and long-term growth.

2023 trends shaping life sciences strategies

Life sciences market experts from Optum and Advisory Board offer their bold predictions and insights in 2023 for the industry.

For Working in Health Care, Positive Future Awaits

Sarah King, chief client officer, highlights how we can work together to overcome workforce challenges and forge a new path forward.

6 workforce strategies for health care leaders

Strengthen and inspire your health care workforce. Our actionable toolkit offers new strategies to reconnect with talent, simplify workflows and more.

6 growth trends for patient-centric health care

Learn strategies you can use to differentiate your health system from your competitors.

Platform strategy for digital transformation

Read more about the digital transformation journey and how to approach these challenges by working toward a product driven model.

Using Your EHR to Accelerate Digital Health

Explore how a thoughtful approach to EHR can impact the health care digital journey and help an organization achieve its business goals.

New indicators of growth

Learn how to measure the success of consumer relationships in today's market.

Health Plan Leaders on StepWise Migration to the Cloud

Applying health equity through action and evidence

Optum VP of Health Equity Analytics, Dr. Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, discusses developing a data-driven strategy for equitable health outcomes.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Tech’s role for health care’s workforce

CMO Dr. Garry Choy discusses pros and cons of using automation and clinical decision support to meet today's workforce challenges.

Cambia's evolution with StepWise

Cambia replaced their legacy health insurance premium quoting system for their small and midsize employer group business. The total health solutions company was determined to find a vendor that met their business vision.

Emerging technologies in underwriting

Listen to the on-demand webinar from Becker Healthcare in partnership with Bill Dimmock, VP of Advisory Services at Optum.

Viewpoints on the 2024 CMS Final Notice

Download the interactive executive summary to learn how your health plan can prepare.

Partnering to reduce fraud, waste and abuse

We partner with federal agencies to address challenges and support their unique needs through technologies, solutions and best practices.

New mandatory CMS reporting rules will impact states

To meet the requirements, states should consider focusing on five key areas.

Improving care, outcomes and costs

Achieve better care through understanding the customer, not just the patient.

Tackle workforce crisis with human innovation

Explore human-focused innovations for solving health care workforce challenges while reaping benefits for all.

Volume 2: Revenue performance for better financial health

Read the white paper for strategies on achieving proper levels of reimbursement, writing off bad debt, and expanding into new service areas.

Can Innovation Help the Health Care Workforce Crisis? | Optum

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and Optum leaders examine human-focused innovations for the health care workforce.

Transforming the six zones of consumer experience

Discover innovations and success factors to drive engagement, loyalty and growth.

Executive series: Health Care Workforce Crisis

Get strategy, insight and resources to create an enterprise-wide health care workforce strategy.

Intelligent automation is improving member outcomes

Optum Advisory's Loren Koerber and Matt Matousek break down intelligent automation and reducing the administrative burden in health care.

Managing risk in value-based care delivery

Watch as Erik Johnson explores models for risk in delivering value-based care (VBC).

Intelligent automation improves underwriting results

Machine learning coupled with software features and cost-tuning delivered significantly improved predictive value and underwriting results.

Achieving growth through technology

How hospitals can maintain operational and financial viability

Read this white paper to learn strategies that can help critical access and independent hospitals remain viable in their communities.

Connected communities

A panel discussion examines how to use data-driven, virtual and automated technologies to advance and refine population health strategies.

Staying current in your core admin platform

Get current, stay current and leverage the newest platform capabilities with ongoing release management.

Let's Talk: Conversations from Optum Life Sciences

Discover what’s on the minds of innovative life science leaders with thought -provoking insights and discussions.

An interview with Sheenu Kachru on trends in the life sciences

This interview is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Critical Steps to Navigating Change Management

See how an effective change management strategy can help people adapt to change more quickly and nimbly.

How Health Equity Can Be a Catalyst for Growth

Providing better care for the underserved is vital for healthier communities. It can also be a wise strategy to unlock organizational growth.

An interview with Jamie Freedman, MD, PhD, and Shalini Mohan, MD

This interview about health equity and clinical trials is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Enabling Success for the Health Plan Ecosystem

Optum has a complete portfolio of assets designed to enable health plans to make meaningful strides toward achieving their goals.

Impacting SDOH for patients and communities

CNO Kristy Duffey discusses the benefits of home-based care, opportunities in value-based care and how digital tools can overcome barriers.

Navigating the rapid growth of health care data

Optum Advisory experts share how their actuarial consultants help providers reduce care fragmentation and increase coordination.

An interview with Chris Boone, PhD on precision medicine

This interview is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Interview with Jason Spangler on value assessment frameworks

This interview is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Value-based care

Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses the path forward for value-based care including implementation challenges, benefits and keys to success.

Meet the rising demand from seniors to age in place

In-home assessments can improve outcomes, reduce health care costs and align with member preference.

2024 Stars Preview: A Return to Normal and a Path Forward

Perform key actions to manage your Stars performance with a focus on member engagement. Learn how to take control of your Star ratings now.

Webinar: Solving trial recruitment challenges with data

Learn from clinical trial leaders how you can address recruitment roadblocks by unlocking real-world data (RWD).

Maternal and infant health insights

Optum Advisory uncovers disparities in maternal and infant outcomes — commercial vs. Medicaid — identifying key factors.

Mental Health: Optum Addresses the Great Information Divide

Explore the challenges and opportunities in mining mental health data for individuals and communities.

Getting ahead of the mental health crisis

See how leaders are advancing data strategies, screenings and exploring ways to connect consumers to mental health support.

Disruption and Risk in Health Care

Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses how innovation can be the upside of disruption and the importance of value-based care in changing the status quo.

SDOH solutions: Transforming health care for all

Learn from experts how to transform health care by addressing the social and economic factors that impact health outcomes.

SDOH solutions: Improving population health outcomes

Learn how we are utilizing technology to understand and impliment effective population health interventions.

How CAPs directly impact your Stars performance

Stars Final Rule and the importance of taking a member-centric approach to improve health equity.

Achieving health equity: Strategies for payers

Learn more about a comprehensive solution for health payers to address health disparities and achieve health equity.

Streamline Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment

The rise of healthcare consumerism has prompted many hospitals and health systems to rethink their patient satisfaction strategies.

Revolutionizing cardiology at Boulder Community Health

Discover how Boulder Community Health and Optum Advisory worked together to achieve smart growth and sustainable change.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Health equity

UHG leader Catherine Anderson on building blocks of a health equity strategy, partnerships and leveraging resources for sustainable impact.