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Insights for Optum Advisory Services

Health care leaders turn to Optum Advisory Services for insights and strategies to help assert control over their organization’s future.


White paper

5 priorities to improve financial performance

Get started prioritizing the path toward a sounder financial footing for your organization today.

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Accelerating growth

Make strategic investments in consumer engagement that drive growth.

2025 CMS Final Notice

Learn and plan for the potential impact on Medicare Advantage plans.

Government contracts

What to consider to win and manage Medicare and Medicaid members.


Using advanced data science to predict disease

Learn how combining advanced data science with risk adjustment is leading to early disease detection and prediction.

Global Nurse Advice Line

Supporting mission-critical programs for federal health agencies

HouseCalls Program

Helping support the continuity of care.

Symmetry EBM Connect white paper

Evaluate quality of care compared to national standards.

Improving care, outcomes and costs

Achieve better care through understanding the customer, not just the patient.

Symmetry Oncology Analytics

Powerful tools measure the cost and quality of cancer care.

Connect your patients to funds and support with FundFinder

Help your patients afford their medications and connect to funds from charitable organizations with FundFinder.

New symmetry oncology analytics

Learn how your organization can reduce costs and advance quality.

Visualizing fraud, waste and abuse

Graph analytics and machine learning drive the future of program integrity.

Utilize technology to harness disparate data

Invest in long-term fraud prevention.

Member experience and the path to 4+ Stars performance

Focus on member experience to impact 2023 Star Ratings.

Moving toward preemptive kidney transplants

Avoiding dialysis in favor of organ transplant can yield better patient outcomes and lower health care costs. So why is it still uncommon?

Tools for coping with depression

If you feel you’re struggling with depression, these tools are a starting point to help.

Kidney Disease Care: A Comprehensive Approach

Find out how an integrated approach produces better outcomes for renal disease — a common, complex and costly condition.

Automate fraud, waste and abuse

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) can help federal agencies improve program integrity, cut costs and deter fraud.

Specialty Pharmacy 101

Specialty pharmacies deliver high-touch services to help patients stay adherent to treatment plans and live healthier lives.

The customer experience trap

Learn why consumer loyalty is decreasing while innovation in customer experience is increasing.

Increasing at-home dialysis for ESRD patients | Optum

See why home-dialysis patients tend to fare better than in-clinic patients, and how patient-centric kidney care management helps them make informed choices.

New diabetes medication recommender app

Our user-centric tool helps prescribers keep up with American Diabetes Association (ADA) medication recommendations.

Case study 1: High-dollar claim savings

DRG outlier identified, resulting in $200,578 savings.

Star ratings are important to Medicare plans

Improving the quality of care and general health status for members.

Case study 2: High-dollar claim savings

DRG outlier identified, resulting in $600,000 savings.

Improve Medicaid risk adjustment accuracy

Explore Medicaid best practices for health plans, and learn three actions to take and when to take them.

The 11 things life sciences leaders need to know

We identified 11 trends worth watching.

Youth mental health research findings

In our new report, you'll learn key findings about the mental health needs of young people and their caregivers, and discover opportunities for intervention.

Supporting Youth Mental Health: On-Demand Webinar

Dr. Yusra Benhalim shares insights on the challenges we must overcome to reach youth.

E-book: How payers can evaluate Centers of Excellence

Not all Centers of Excellence are created equal. Here are five questions that payers should keep in mind.

A collaborative approach to advancing maternal health

Learn how leaders, communities, and institutions can work with Optum to promote safe pregnancies and childbirth.

Cost breakthroughs in complex care management

Not every complex care management program is built equally. Here's how to optimize them for maximum benefits.

Rules impacting pharmacy: Summer 2023 legislative sessions

Learn what's at stake as the Senate considers PBM legislation.

Workplace fitness benefits: What employers should know

Employers must adjust their fitness programs to meet employees' evolving fitness needs. Here’s how to bring your offerings into the new era.

Cancer costs are rising — are you ready?

2023 3rd Annual C-suite Research Report

How are market dynamics impacting decision-making across health care? Research report examines progress, challenges and priorities in 2023.

Quality Fitness Benefits Are Crucial for Employers | Optum

Medicare enrollment: How a licensed insurance agent can help

Digital Claim Payments Can Save You Money

Discover 4 ways health plans can save money today, and into the future, by engaging with a digital claim payment partner.

Reimagining fraud prevention

Find out how modernization of emergency relief programs can detect and prevent fraud.

Care Pathways study

Mental health specialists serve a critical role in reducing total cost of care for plan sponsors.

Hospital leader’s guide to 5 types of vendors and partners

This white paper from Advisory Board helps health care leaders navigate the complex terrain of external vendor and partner relationships.

Supporting the unique needs of firefighters

When the Minnesota Fire Service needed emotional well-being support for their firefighters, Optum stepped in to help.

Regulations to watch: Spring 2024

Get the latest on legislation impacting PBM operations.

5 Provider strategies to help improve your margins

In this e-book, discover how health care organizations are prioritizing a path to improved financial sustainability and margins.

5 Provider Strategies to Help Improve Your Margins: Download

How race and ethnicity data can bridge the health equity gap

The life sciences industry needs robust real-world data. For that data to reflect real-world populations, you need race and ethnicity data.

Are Your Employees Checked Out or Mentally Present? | Optum

The key is to invest in wellbeing programmes that meet employees where they are — solutions for everyday life.

Disruption and Risk in Health Care

Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses how innovation can be the upside of disruption and the importance of value-based care in changing the status quo.

How to make the most of your fitness benefits

Case study: Investing in employees' success

Tailored financial wellbeing support eases employee stress and boosts productivity for global telecommunications company.

Summer: Fast action for postpartum and depression

New drugs for postpartum depression, dermatitis and blindness are coming.

Intelligent automation is improving member outcomes

Optum Advisory's Loren Koerber and Matt Matousek break down intelligent automation and reducing the administrative burden in health care.

John Muir Health and AI: A case study in managing costs

Watch the webinar to learn actionable strategies on tackling decreased hospital margins, increased labor costs and staffing shortages.

Making Risk Adjustment Programs Work for You

Learn how three care delivery organizations reduced administrative burden to spend more time with patients and improve outcomes.

Achieving growth through technology

How are you identifying overpayments?

Identifying overpayments after a claim has been paid is a core component of payment integrity.

Supporting care for at-risk minors

Learn about a lightweight, scalable foster-family placement system developed for one Northeastern state.

Let's Talk: Conversations from Optum Life Sciences

Discover what’s on the minds of innovative life science leaders with thought -provoking insights and discussions.

Defining the future of alternate-site infusion pharmacy care

Optum tackles the many issues infusion pharmacy care faces as it serves vulnerable patients with acute needs and complex conditions.

Managing cell and gene therapies

A diverse pipeline of CGT is coming to the market.

Supporting providers with a custom approach

Health plan assessment programs for value-based care help both physicians and patients.

Drive wellbeing programme utilisation

Strengthen your international wellbeing programme with an integrated health promotion specialist.

Struggling to balance paperwork and patients?

You may be missing out on health plan services that can help.

Value-based insurance and network design

Optum has access to one of the industry’s largest health care data assets and many of the industry’s top professionals.

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in LATAM?

Employers in the LATAM region said employee physical and mental health are among the greatest challenges for their health and wellbeing (H&W) programmes. Find out what else we learned when Optum surveyed 347 global employers.

Solve contract challenges for gene therapies

Gene therapies have the potential to be transformative, but there are hurdles to overcome for value-based contracts to become widespread.

HouseCalls: Fewer Emergency Visits, Hospital Stays

HouseCalls: Fewer Emergency Visits, Hospital Stays

How are global employers driving employee engagement in health and wellness programmes?

Optum surveyed 347 global employers to better understand current health and wellbeing (H&W) practices. Employers told us how they’re motivating employees to engage in their own wellbeing.

Getting ahead of the mental health crisis

See how leaders are advancing data strategies, screenings and exploring ways to connect consumers to mental health support.

Reimagining senior care to meet changing demands

Find out how Medicare Advantage plans can improve your residents’ experience with more supportive, holistic care.

Optum Neurology Center of Excellence

When you work with the Optum Neurology Center of Excellence, we provide helpful resources so you can spend more time with your patients.

Regulations to watch: Fall 2023

Learn what's at stake as the PBM legislation advances on Capitol Hill.

How VBC can work for manufacturers

Value-based contracts can present challenges that must be overcome to bring gene therapies to market.

Self-scheduling boosts access and reduces staff burden

Learn how ProHealth Physicians used self-guided online scheduling to ease administrative burden and rebound patient volume.

Flexing seniors’ brains and social muscles

Medicare Advantage plans can differentiate supplementary programs by addressing cognitive health and social interaction.

Enhancing fraud investigations with AI

Simplify the complexities of fraud case review

How hospitals can maintain operational and financial viability

Read this white paper to learn strategies that can help critical access and independent hospitals remain viable in their communities.

How Health Plans Can Improve Encounter Data Quality

How holistic programs improve senior health

Medicare Advantage plans need to rise above the competition by going beyond traditional fitness offerings.

Alternative funding: Real savings or problems?

See how much "free" drugs will actually cost you.

The Connection Between Money and Health

The connection between money and health runs deeper than just costs — your employees rely on your benefits strategy for overall wellness.

Supporting Veteran truckers

Learn how Optum Serve supports Veterans through a whole-health approach to work and life.

Using predictive data to achieve 70:1 ROI

Watch the webinar to learn how MetroHealth used precision marketing to reach patients that are likely to need specialty services.

Tackling the youth mental health crisis

A board-certified adult, child and adolescent, and addiction psychiatrist discusses how to connect children and families to needed behavioral health solutions.

Make your pharmacy benefit plan work better

4 key questions you should be asking.

Connected care

Uncover leader insights and actions for creating a holistic care ecosystem.

Sustainability through partnership

See how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue to successfully fund its mission.

Social Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes

This study analyzes how social determinants of health (SDOH) variables impact the incidence and progression of Type 2 diabetes.

Keeping your data secure is mission critical

See how we help prevent costly, disruptive cyberattacks.

Is your pharmacy benefit manager delivering value?

4 key questions you should be asking.

Digital equity across the health care system

Remove gaps and improve digital access for everyone.

Fighting fraud

How one plan sponsor recovered $315,000 in six months.

3 ways to deal with escalating drug costs

Innovations custom built for today’s specialty challenges.

2022 Analytics and AI survey from Advisory Board Research

ABR surveyed 250 strategy and analytics leaders.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped work?

We surveyed large employers around the world to understand health and well-being strategies and practices. Find out what they said about offices and schedules.

Connected care

See the whole picture for whole-person health.

PMSA Webinar: Avoiding common RWD pitfalls

Optum experts give a snapshot of commonly encountered pitfalls when using RWD and recommendations to help avoid them in this PMSA webinar.

Moving to lower-cost electronic payments

Partner with Optum Financial to increase ACH payments

Building new possibilities for infusion care

How we are exceeding the evolving needs of the home parenteral nutrition market

Success stories in connected care

See how health organizations are creating new ways to deliver care.

Partnering for employee growth and retention

Explore how Boulder Community Health partnered with Optum to continue elevating its most critical component of success — its workforce.

C-suite Check-In: The Health Care Workforce Crisis

Research report uncovers impacts, obstacles and priorities.

A seamless pharmacy benefit change?

We guarantee it. And it's easier than you think.

3 steps to slash medication costs

This is your guide to reducing your health care spending.

A case study on Excel Medical Center

Using digital integration to ease administrative burdens can help you spend more time with patients and deliver positive patient outcomes.

HouseCalls: Helping to care for members where they are

As demand for home and community care grows, Optum® HouseCalls can reach your Medicare Advantage members and assess members’ health needs.

Managing risk in value-based care delivery

Watch as Erik Johnson explores models for risk in delivering value-based care (VBC).

Emotional wellbeing support

Help your workforce take charge of their health, so they can be more resilient and present every day.

Changes to risk adjustment are coming. Are you prepared?

Learn how your practice may need to evolve to proactively anticipate the upcoming changes announced in April related to MA and Part D.

Optum Rx Drug Pipeline Insights Reports

Read the most recent quarterly reports on new drugs coming down the pipeline.

Connected communities

A panel discussion examines how to use data-driven, virtual and automated technologies to advance and refine population health strategies.

Optimize member engagement through collaboration with Optum

A health plan increased in-home assessment rates for their Medicare Advantage members by working with Optum to increase member engagement.

4 ways small and emerging biopharma can harness RWD now

Small and emerging biopharma companies are already having an impact on the industry. Learn how RWD can enhance your ability to innovate.

7 Strategies for Meeting More Mental Health Needs

Discover how to create an interconnected network of services that help people get properly diagnosed, access support and sustain progress.

The fight for techquity

Get ideas for how to fundamentally change your approach to building technology and incorporate techquity into your organization.

Accelerate drug development with clinicogenomic RWE

Optum, Novartis and GuardantINFORM experts discuss the ever-increasing importance of clinicogenomic data during this Endpoints News webinar.

Achieving Growth Through Technology: Part 2

Building a connected care model

An expert panel explores elements of a whole-health approach.

Pharmacy Insights Podcast

Listen to our resident experts discuss critical industry challenges and the solutions you need to control rising drug costs.

Support for substance use disorders

Expand access to evidence-based support to help individuals achieve stabilization and sustain recovery.

8 ways to make drugs more affordable

Discover what plan sponsors need to know.

The HouseCalls difference: Kim's story

Kim, a HouseCalls advanced clinician practitioner, believes a good day is when she’s helped someone. Watch the video to see her story.

The Impact of In-home Health Assessments

Learn about the benefits of HouseCalls assessments with these 5 fast facts.

The financial case for connected care

Get thought starters for assessing how a connected care model can strengthen your financial position.

Thrive or crumble: Partnerships are a new area of growth

Read the article from Nick Howell and Chris Pass to learn the successes and lessons of the partnership between John Muir Health and Optum.

Five tactics to unlock potential

Data and analytics to improve care experiences and outcomes.

Can automation cure workforce challenges?

Rethink how to support workers, while simplifying and improving care.

"No regret" IT investments for health systems

Learn which tech investments can benefit providers most today.

Teaming up with task force movement

Learn how Optum Serve is helping to advance the health and well-being of Veterans and spouses in the trucking and cybersecurity workforce.

Grow with physician and consumer-driven insights

Support your hospital’s volume and revenue growth goals

Maximize Recoveries with Subrogation

Identify, investigate and recover medical and disability payments related to accidents.

4 key forces shaping the future of pharmacy

These emerging trends will help define the road ahead.

Watch: OLS Data Leaders at STAT Summit

Break down common missteps when using RWD and create practical strategies to overcome them.

ACDIS CDI Survey and Report

Internal collaboration and clinically intelligent AI are key.

Enabling Success for the Health Plan Ecosystem

Optum has a complete portfolio of assets designed to enable health plans to make meaningful strides toward achieving their goals.

5 ways to improve employee well-being engagement

Discover 5 critical factors to ensure employees take advantage of your well-being offerings and engage with your wellness programs.

Read a report about claims payments opportunities.

Thinking about going paperless for claims payments? We commissioned a study of senior health plan executives to hear what’s on their minds.

Caring for clinicians: From burnout to wellness

CEO of Optum Care Solutions Dr. Patrick Conway explores how to move beyond burnout and focus on clinician wellness.

Bring your wellness strategy to life for employees

Discover how partnering with a health promotion specialist can help you unlock creative ways to engage your employees with wellness programs and initiatives.

Social inequities effect on patient and provider

As clinicians and caregivers to our patients, we bear witness to the inequity of health care. Dr. Oreggio shares experience and advice on opening doors to equal care.

Digital medicine that delights

Dr. Sonia Samagh from the Center for Digital Health is hard at work bringing the many digital tools available into an environment that becomes our “way of being” rather than another tool in the toolkit.

Research revolution: Optum Labs

Optum Labs is launching a study for a COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment. Through the power of data, every patient will receive the treatment. This approach gives quick results for practical problems.

Building resilience: Mental health lessons from COVID-19

COVID-19 has negatively affected many people's mental health, but will anything good come out of it?

Mobile clinic brings care to the community

Southwest Medical bridges the access gap with their mobile clinic by meeting patients where they are.

When to refer: PCP guide to Pap exams

Pap smears and HPV immunizations have become fundamental elements of preventive care for women.

The WellMed Bridges palliative care program

Patients with serious illness should not have to choose between curative and palliative treatment. That is the theory behind the WellMed Bridges program.

Intelligent Automation Benefits for Health Plans | Optum

See how IA increases the throughput of the retro case developer process, reducing processing time and freeing resources for other high-value tasks.

Four myths: Carving out specialty pharmacy

Integrating specialty pharmacy means better care, lower costs.

Drug pricing spotlight: Wound care

Combat against brand name products costing 125 times more.

Smart formulary management

Developing and managing formularies that bring clinical and financial value

The dangers of polypharmacy

Millions of workers at risk due to overprescribed drugs

A System-Wide Look at Improving Specialty Care

Condition-specific clinical expertise and capabilities necessary for managing complex diseases

Sleep treatment across the ages

Combining real-world data and primary research helps us better understand insomnia.

Optum Dynamic Assessment of Pregnancies and Infants

Assess the impact of medication use during pregnancy and the impact on infant health.

Care of the clinician

A 2017 JAMA study showed that 45% of doctors feel at least one symptom of burnout.

Research report — C-suite check-in: Leading through disruption

We surveyed over 150 C-suite leaders on the state of health care. This report uncovers priorities and challenges across the industry.

Actualizing high-quality coordinated cancer care

The recently launched Cancer Center in Las Vegas incorporates IOM recommendations, delivering high-quality cancer care for better patient outcomes.

How to help patients prevent long-term cognitive complications

Despite the complexity of concussion, primary care providers are in a unique position to give life-altering advice to their patients.

The path to techquity

New research explores how to advance health equity through intentional, inclusive design and deployment of technology in health care.

Antiracism and inclusion

Optum saw the value in a project for a community cohort, Leadership for Racial Equity, and quickly worked to create a national strategy.

How to Respond to COVID-19 Disparities in Health Care | Optum

In this Optum Serve issue brief, data and analytics show why health disparities occur and how to address them to drive better outcomes across all populations.

Fusing data and analytics with human-centered design

Explore human-centered design. Expert panel at SXSW discusses merging data with design to build simple, connected health care experiences.

New Client onboarding in Florida

Download this step-by-step guide for client onboarding.

Health plan solutions designed to lower the cost of care

Tour our ecosystem of capabilities designed to tackle broad-based health plan challenges.

Demonstrating product value with integrated data

A special webinar hosted by MM&M demonstrates how integrated EHR and claims data offers a new foundation for demonstrating product value.

What is your government up to? And, what does it mean for your drug spend?

A fireside chat with Natalie Pons and Bill Dreitlein

Managing diabetes gains an 8:1 return on investment

Learn how a third-party administrator’s client improved health outcomes and lowered costs.

How to eliminate prescription waste

Achieve savings by targeting expensive, low-value drugs.

Optum Rx customer obsession video

How one Optum Rx employee made the system work better for everyone

Creating connections through partnerships

Hear from an Optum Rx client on how we're partnering together for everyone we serve.

Optum Evidence Engine

Optum Evidence Engine unlocks the power of personalized, precision health care to help advance disease detection and treatment.

How to manage medication overload

Hear from a leader's perspective on how to manage polypharmacy.

Webinar: Slowing the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

Explore insights into better care management and cost reduction.

Expanding access to treatment

Find treatment pathways for opioid use disorder.

Specialty drug prices giving you sticker shock?

See how Specialty Compass defuses exploding drug costs.

5 questions: Optum Rx chief pharmacy officer

Michael Einodshofer addresses the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Trends and perspectives for health plans

Driving toward the same things for our health care system — better quality, lower cost, and higher consumer and provider satisfaction.

How our medication packaging helps the planet

New packaging saves CO2, water, energy, and plastic waste.

Excela Health & Optum partner for employee retention

In this video, learn how Excela Health and Optum are investing in mission-critical initiatives while also avoiding job eliminations.

Making sense of copay cards

How copay cards can disrupt your benefit strategy

Five Things to Know About Every Health Care Consumer

Engage with consumers in meaningful ways as COVID-19 evolves.

Transforming the six zones of consumer experience

Discover innovations and success factors to drive engagement, loyalty and growth.

Optum Epidemiology Overview

Watch the video.

A young patient’s hemophilia story

See how OptumRx helped change a patient’s life.

Why equity in women’s health demands an integrated approach

Why equity in women’s health demands an integrated approach

Enhance R&Q data acquisition with AI and NLP

Learn how digital clinical data, AI and NLP can help health plans get the data they need, when they need it.

Optum, FDA collaborate on vaccine and biologic research

FDA reaches agreement with life sciences segment of Optum to provide data and expertise to evaluate and research biologics and vaccines.

Data Governance Enables Indiana’s Rapid Response to COVID-19

See how the Hoosier state uses data governance and self-service analytics to monitor, prioritize and quickly respond to COVID-19.

Real-world data fills rare disease data gaps

Data removes the barriers to understanding rare disease.

U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command

Optum Serve conducts physical and mental examinations for military applicants.

Develop your growth strategy

Our research has uncovered four main reasons today’s planning executives struggle to find the right data to make the best decisions.

Value Transformation at Keck Medicine of USC

Value Transformation at Keck Medicine of USC

Assess drug performance with the power of integrated data

Inform research and commercial strategy with data insights.

Case Study: Advanced Pharmacy Audit Services

How a health plan saved more than $1 million

How will you get to interoperability?

Watch the 10-minute demo to see how Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your state comply with CmS's final rule

Vaccine cold chain

Vaccine cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain process that maintains the potency of vaccines during the storage and distribution process.

Case Study: UMass utilizes analytics to improve adult immunizations

Population health analytics drive UMass participation in the AMGA AI Collaborative

Using Risk Analytic

Using Risk Analytics to Improve Financial Health

Opening the digital doors to all consumers

A strategy guide for expanding access and health equity.

Evolving clinical trials from paper to digital

Accelerate research through a digitized model.

8 things to look for in a virtual care offering

8 things to look for in a virtual care offering

Dynamic Assessment Of Pregnancies And Infants

We help answer questions about maternal and infant health.

Walk in their shoes

Learn how real cancer patient and provider experiences drive care navigation decisions.

The unifying power of integrated data

Read how the integration of EHR and claims data can change what we can collectively learn about outcomes.

Accelerating a future where health care is closer to home

This new era goes beyond the walls of a clinic thanks to advances in digital health tools and approaches.

Data’s powerful influence on hospital growth

A digital health transformation is shaping data trends and shifting the way organizations seek and use information.

Improving UR effectiveness with Case Advisor

Improving UR effectiveness with Case Advisor

The brave new world of digital transformation

Leaders preparing for life in the post-pandemic world are searching for ways to succeed with digital.

Delivering Value-Based Care for Veterans Affairs & DOD | Optum

Best practices to help transition to value-based care.

Understanding the health care needs of Veterans

Ethnographic research conducted to help address Veterans' needs across the health care system.

Population health management best practices

Learn about industry players in the population health management (PHM) market and what to look for in a best-in-class solution.

A model market-performance partnership

John Muir Health and Optum partner to advance quality of care.

The rising cost of cancer care

Understand the trends and how to respond.

Everest Group Recognizes Optum as a Leader

The 2021 PEAK Matrix report maps the RCM Business Process Services market.

Assisted living plan comparison scenario

Keep your SNF-qualified residents with you longer.

Modernizing clinical trials with EHRs

Discover how Optum and three provider organizations leveraged EHR systems to modernize a clinical trial aimed at diabetes treatment.

Modernize your revenue cycle workforce

New staffing challenges require new approaches.

Deliver program integrity efficiencies

Curb fraud, waste and abuse for federal agencies.

Optum Serve health technology and consulting solutions

Improving health across the nation to serve our federal customers

Reflections on PCMA's recent Annual Meeting

Total cost of care and value-based arrangements between manufacturers and payers is top of mind of HEOR and Medical Affairs leaders.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We utilize RPA to advance federal government programs.

Everest Group recognizes Optum as Leader

optum analytics leader everest

Avasant Healthcare Payor Digital Services

Avasant's annual RadarView report helps healthcare payors craft a robust strategy for digital transformation based on industry outlook and best practices.

OPA for HHS: See how it works

Accelerate your state's efforts to address health inequity.

Patient-Centered Care Centers of Excellence

Optum's Centers of Excellence improve outcomes through patient-centered care.

When ‘Is it safe for me?’ changes to ‘Is it safe for us?’

Studying the impact of treatments on pregnancy and infants can help patients, providers and pharmaceutical companies make key decisions.

Optum My Wellbeing

For employers, My Wellbeing provides information about employees’ health, which can be used to help understand their needs and develop strategies to support them.

How AdventHealth leverages precision marketing

Optum Forum 2021: Regional One Health

Case Advisor contributes to utilization review success.

Preventing suicide among our nation's Veterans

See how Optum Serve, along with the PREVENTS Initiative, is helping in the collective effort to eliminate suicide among military and Veteran populations.

Innovations in Health Monitoring, Care Management & Support

Linking health care and public health data improves care management, clinical care, and public health reporting and monitoring.

The Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook

The Optum Physician Liaison Outreach Playbook gives physician liaisons best practices, tools and templates for effective physician relationship-building.

SNFs Improve Care & Business Outcomes for Facilities

The Optum Care Model Helps SNFs Meet Strategic Goals

Population Health in the Digital Age

Introducing population health technology of the future

Your roadmap for driving growth

Use data and analytics to form your business development roadmap.

Leveraging Technology in Quit Services for Tobacco Cessation

Technology, tobacco products and who uses tobacco are changing, and Optum Quit Services are evolving to meet those changes.

Physician Outreach Toolkit

Scripting worksheets and template guide.

Optum Provider Services Master Agreement

Optum delivers provider management through NASPO ValuePoint.

NASPO ValuePoint Helps States Streamline MMIS Procurements

Streamline MMIS procurements through cooperative purchasing.

Optum Serve: Protecting taxpayer dollars

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars | Optum Serve

Monitoring COVID-19 vaccine safety

Discover insights from Dr. John Seeger’s recent participation at the Duke-Margolis Thirteenth Annual Sentinel Initiative Public Workshop.

When a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Becomes a Health Plan

This white paper addresses the challenges of launching a provider-owned ISNP.

New Data Dimensions In Life Sciences Research

Expanded research methods can address cost at the root level.

State of Healthcare Technology

Explore disruptive technologies transforming the industry.

Improve access to care with HouseCalls

White Paper: Improve Access to Care With HouseCalls | Optum

Transforming Analytics at Boulder Community Health

Learn how Boulder Community Health is using analytics to make decisions, improve care management and drive growth.

Modernizing Health Care: Joan's Journey | Optum

The health care system is built on positive intent, but it’s too complex. Joan’s journey illustrates how we’re creating something different.

Curious case of costly complications

How can analytics help tell your cost and outcomes story?

Survey: How patients feel about returning to care amidst COVID-19

Survey: How patients feel about returning to care amidst COVID-19

The Importance of Utilization Review for Hospitals in the COVID-19 Era

This Optum360 article shows how a high-performing utilization review process with fully leveraged AI can help hospitals preserve revenue integrity.

Health care network planning & optimization success

Learn how leaders can use data and analytics to make informed decisions on their network and drive actionable conversations with providers.

Symmetry Episode Risk Groups White Paper

Predict future health care utilization

Smartsourcing healthcare: A perspective

Optum360 shares an e-book on how provider partnerships can help accelerate growth and financial performance as an alternative to traditional models.

Consumer beliefs driving health care growth and retention

Understand the impact of consumer beliefs on everything from growth and clinical outcomes to patient acquisition and satisfaction.

Connecting the dots: Data-driven transformation

Connecting the Dots: Data-driven Transformation | Optum

Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines for DoD and VA

Improve continuity of care by reducing variation in practice for service members transitioning to Veteran status.

Overturning concurrent denials at Uniontown Hospital

Maximizing peer-to-peer reviews with an on-site physician advisor

Clinicogenomics: The next big leap in real-world data

Optum clinical genomics is positioned to shape a new generation of evidence that accelerates understanding of disease.

Realizing the full potential of clinicogenomics

Join Optum genomics experts as they discuss the progress being made to develop datasets that will aid in drug discovery and development.

Testimonial: Overturning concurrent denials

See how one client strengthened its utilization review.

Impact story: Collaboration to drive long-term care forward

Impact story: Collaboration to drive long-term care forward

Subscribe to the Weekly Briefing

Get strategic perspectives for C-suite leaders to help guide the health system forward.

Executive Perspectives: Tech Innovation in Health Care

How AI and other technologies can help heal the health care system

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Command Center Services

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Command Center Services

The Curious Case of the Costly Complication

Optum helps a client prove product effectiveness

The Doctor Will See You…Anywhere

A profound shift toward coordinated, responsive care is underway in American medicine.

Sustainable Future Cancer Care

Creating a sustainable future for cancer care

Telephone Lifestyle Coaching for Veterans

Optum Serve can help Veterans achieve health and wellness goals using TLC. Promote well-being, prevent illness and reduce the burden of chronic conditions.

Managing the rise of people with multiple chronic conditions

Predicting who will develop multiple chronic conditions (MCCs) and intervening early is critical to better care and lower costs

Developing a successful network strategy

Grow business and generate revenue with network planning.

Technology Helps Reduce Barriers to Tobacco Cessation

Learn about the growing change in tobacco cessation.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Capitalize on the momentum around digital health solutions.

Optum Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) video

Advanced practice clinicians give personal care

The American Rescue Plan and public health

ARP is an opportunity for state governments to improve public health through investment, infrastructure and innovation.

COVID-19 Area Vulnerability Index

Prioritize resources and optimize care to fight COVID-19.

Navigating Forward: C-suite check-in — Research findings state of health care

Find out what 161 C-suite health care leaders think about how COVID-19 has changed the industry — and where we still must make progress.

Real-world data centralized teams

Expanding the use of RWD requires expertise and leadership.

Self- service health care scheduling

Manage health care appointments with ease.

Address the challenge of Innovation

Ideation Hubs: Address the challenge of Innovation | Optum

HIMSS and Optum talk EHR strategies

Dr. John Kontor of Optum shares how EHR strategies provide numerous opportunities to improve and change health care.

Developing effective quit services

Discover three key facets for success.

Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

Webinar: Taking the Blinders Off Cancer Through Immunotherapy

The Path to 4+ Star Performance

Implications for 2023 Star Ratings

Four steps to a RWD enterprise strategy

Lou Brooks, SVP, Real-World Data and Analytics at Optum

Approaching health inequity with straightforward action

Read the CEO’s guide for assessing bias and building trust.

Meeting consumers on their terms

Learn how relationships between consumers and health organizations are transforming.

Real Talk on Real-World Evidence: Practical Applications in 2021

Virtual fireside chat with Advisory Board and Optum Life Sciences leaders explores the expanded use and next wave of RWE applications

Self-Direction for State & Local I/DD Programs

This content is presented by Optum and the Spark Initiative.

Applying robotic process automation (RPA) for compliance

See how RPA helped saved 9,465 hours and $950,000 over five years in our client use case example.

The Optum care model in your community

Deliver specialized health care benefits to your residents

Financially preparing for a chronic condition

Learn about the emotional impact of chronic care and how deeply intertwined health and finances are. This paper also includes ideas for how to financially weather a chronic condition.

Center for Health Equity - The Lewin Group, Part of Optum Serve

See how we help public and private health care leaders, policy makers and researchers support equitable individual and community health.

The patient clinical experience

Why we need to start talking about this.

Podcast: Advancing Quit Services for Tobacco Cessation

Hear from experts and explore Quit Services topics for Tobacco Cessation

Pinpoint asthma, COPD and ACOS with EHR data

Optum study highlights clinical clues in asthma and COPD.

Impact member care with in-home assessments

Download the infographic to learn more about how in-home assessments can uniquely impact SDOH.

Support for long-term recovery

Find substance use disorder treatment that includes evidence-based resources and compassionate care for members and their communities.

Star ratings are important to Medicare Plans

Learn how health plans can improve Star ratings through high-touch strategies.

Addressing adolescent mental health

Find solutions and resources for employers and health plans to support adolescent and caregiver mental health.

Insights on improved care through technology and scale

John Muir Health shares how the organization uses technology to reach those in need of health care services.

Health plan pitfalls

Read a follow-up to Optum study of health plan executives.

Basset Healthcare partnering insights

Tommy Ibrahim, MD, CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network, shares insights on reinventing a health system for success.

Preparing a strategy roadmap for government programs entry

Amy Jensen, VP of Optum Advisory Services, outlines requirements for a new market expansion.

Achieving Success In Claims Editing

Learn best practices around delivery models, content and rule definition.

Optum Care Model & UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan

Support residents living in a senior living community.

Guiding Members To Treatment & Support

Helping Members Struggling With Substance Use Disorder.

Improved Arkansas Medicaid Outcomes

Helping Arkansas improve Medicaid outcomes, reduce costs.

Take Bold Action & Maximize Impact

Take Bold Action & Maximize Impact

Social determinants of health

Completing the health data picture

Navigating government programs

Learn how small and community-based plans can enter Medicaid programs in our navigating government programs video.

Redefining the prior authorization process

How we are revamping the prescribing process

The bedside research revolution

Optum Care Research and Innovation is an internal research support system that shows research is an integral part of care delivery.

Shipping sensitive medications

See how medications are protected in transit.

SDOH and Medicare Advantage

This paper examines the critical impact of social determinants of health (SDOH) on patient care and how in-home assessments can help.

Center for Behavioral Health and Resilience

Our goal is to promote equitable delivery of behavioral health services and support individual and community resilience.

Rare diseases, large costs

The rise in orphan drugs is offering hope

Optum Specialty Pharmacy & Optum Infusion Pharmacy Appeals

When patients are denied access to medications and treatments they need, the Optum Specialty Pharmacy and Optum Infusion Pharmacy Appeals Team is here to help

Actionable tips for improving your claims denial process

Develop these six characteristics to effectively manage denials and support your organization's revenue integrity.

Optimize payment reconciliation and reduce friction

This 2022 brief by Frost & Sullivan identifies how technology solutions can address multiple problems and improve payment processes.

Supporting providers in the transition to VBC

Learn how value-based care (VBC) partnerships between payers and providers are more important than ever.

Boost efficiency with payment optimization

Learn how payment delivery optimization can improve the health care financial cycle and bridge the gap between payers and providers.

Expanded scope and efficiency with Optum CAC and CDI 3D

See how one health system partnered with Optum to transform their coding and CDI program.

Filling revenue cycle resource shortfalls

How to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.

Smart revenue cycle investments rather than deep cost cuts

Strengthen revenue performance with two astute investments.

Improve your ROI with the help of Optum Claims Manager

Flexible claims management tool drives down denials

Reconcile your RWD expectations to maximize your investment

Understand how routine clinical practice impacts information captured in real-world data (RWD).

Five things your denial rate isn't telling you

Learn 5 ways to make changes that will prevent and remediate denied claims.

A/R recovery services revenue continuity

Provider maintains A/R continuity during HIS conversion.

Artificial intelligence and the changing role of case managers

AI can help manage new responsibilities.

Disruptive current events make traditional UR models obsolete

Learn five ways to use new processes and technology to improve UR.

Computer-assisted coding helps company with continued growth

See how ACS used Optum CAC Professional for computer-assisted coding to expand medical coding and billing operations and navigate the ICD-10 transition.

Defending emergency department reimbursement

Learn how to strengthen your ED visit-level determinations.

AI advances the revenue cycle

The use of NLP makes the revenue cycle work smarter, not harder.

Closing the Gaps in Pain Management

Find out how coordinated, personalized care helps advance treatment of chronic pain in senior communities.

How Optum supports value-based goals with powerful products

Optum supports value-based goals with powerful products.

Optum CAC offers automatic review of physician selected coding

Coding review module monitors for results.

How fully leveraged AI solutions surpass traditional UR systems

Learn four ways AI expands your reach and effectiveness.

Giving patients a clear look at their care

A better patient experience through price transparency

Specialty and Weight Loss Webinar

Hear how weight loss drugs are shaping traditional and specialty spend.

Developing a best-in-class middle revenue cycle for hospitals

Explore the six focus areas for improving performance.

Choosing a strategic accounts receivable service partner

Selecting the right recovery partner requires careful evaluation.

Supporting people when they need it most

Learn how Optum helped a member find support after a loss.

Modernizing the Medicaid experience

Read our 9 key takeaways for states to modernize the provider management experience.

Case study: Improving SGLT2i therapy guideline adherence

Article that covers OLS and Boehringer Ingelheim collaboration to increase adherence for patients with diabetes and CVD.

Emerging technologies in underwriting

Listen to the on-demand webinar from Becker Healthcare in partnership with Bill Dimmock, VP of Advisory Services at Optum.

Reducing administrative variation with artificial intelligence

Infuse technology into your medical necessity process.

Challenges in health and wellbeing programmes in APAC

Employers in the APAC region said effective health and wellbeing (H&W) programme promotion and motivating employees to participate are among their current challenges. Find out what else we learned when Optum surveyed 347 global employers.

Impacting SDOH for patients and communities

CNO Kristy Duffey discusses the benefits of home-based care, opportunities in value-based care and how digital tools can overcome barriers.

Improve claims processing with these claims management tips

Untangle the causes of medical necessity denials.

Review factors hidden by your denial rate.

RWD Pitfalls Part 1: Using the right tools to approach RWD

When working with real-world data, learn from the lessons of others to help maximize your own business return.

Develop a best-in-class front-end revenue cycle

Learn six ways to take your operations from good to great.

Improving clinical documentation improvement (CDI) efficiency

See how Lima Memorial improved efficiency with advanced technology.

Becoming financially resilient after COVID-19

We surveyed 105 hospital leaders on their strategies for achieving stronger financial health.

Emotional Wellbeing Solutions for Health Care Workers

Support workers who put others first every day.

Clinicogenomics: new, linked data is advancing research

Rich, longitudinal clinicogenomics data can fuel all stages of drug development.

Leveraging commercial health care technologies

Apply AI and program integrity practices in government.

Patient-generated health data and the IoT

New wave of connected devices enables continuous care

4 marketing questions health care leaders should ask

Learn the four essential data-centric marketing questions every health care leader should ask.

2021 PEAK Matrix Report : HealthCare Top 20

2021 PEAK Matrix Report : HealthCare Top 20 | Optum

Maximize clinical trial enrollment

Use clinical and claims data to conduct patient finding.

Forward-thinking strategies for 2022

Explore this video series featuring insights for Life Sciences leaders, delivered by experts from across health care.

Enterprise IT strategies with HIMSS and Optum

Scott Gaydos of Optum shares how enterprise IT strategies provide numerous opportunities to improve and transform health care.

John Muir Health & Optum: A Model IT Performance Partnership

Learn how John Muir Health advanced patient care through rapid IT integration, modernization and optimization.

5 keys to digital health care transformation

Transform operations, better manage business processes and improve outcomes.

Veterans Benefits Administration

They honored their commitment. It's time to honor ours.

John Muir Health Clinical Operations Video

See how John Muir partnered with Optum to enable a seamless consumer experience.

MMIS Game-Changer: Collaborative Contracting

NASPO ValuePoint helps states streamline procurement.

Market Performance Partnership: John Muir Health & Optum

Our integrated partnership model provides meaningful and measurable results.

Automation Drives Success for Health Systems

Discover innovative strategies to improve financial health.

Health Care Interoperability Solutions

Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your state comply with CMS' final rule. View our overview video to find out how.

Accelerating growth in the health economy

Learn how to secure market relevance in a shifting landscape.

Understanding Market Shifts

Optum expertise provides competitive insights.

Learning Network Annual Member Meeting 2021

Monday, September 20, 2021; 1 p.m. CT

Health Equity & Women's Health

Create meaningful change for the women in your workforce.

John Muir Health Partnership Insights

Learn how to lean into a partnership and determine the most important things to your organization and how to achieve them.

Optum Health Care Interoperability & Patient Access Services

Our solution is fully developed and ready right now to help your state meet compliance.

Gratitude for Heroism

Optum Serve is proud to recognize female Service Members and Veterans.

Solutions to the maternal care crisis are coming into focus

Solutions to the maternal care crisis are coming into focus

Five Insights to Manage Hospital Administrative Costs

In this Optum article, futurist Tom Koulopolous and John Muir Health's Chris Pass share five strategies to manage administrative costs and improve performance.

Electronic Health Records(EHR) Implement and Operate

Maximize your EHR investment through partnership.

Military & Veteran Health Care Journey: Infographic

Delivering and managing health care at key phases of life for Military Service Members and Veterans.

Modernizing the Medicaid Experience | Optum

How can states and providers use modularity to modernize? Dustin Haisler at interviews Optum product leaders for insights.

Clinicogenomics Enable Precision Drug Development | Optum

Health equity in kidney disease management

Learn 5 strategies for health plans to address inequities in the kidney care landscape and create more equitable access, treatment and outcomes for all.

Build a Culture of Health in the APAC Region

By engaging region-specific expertise, your company can strategically improve the well-being of its employees.

Supporting those who serve

Optum Serve is proud to support Military Service Members, Veterans and their families.

Navigate the workforce challenge

Identify root causes of workforce upheaval and how to adjust policies, procedures and practices for stability and long-term growth.

Digital Front Door Strategy Improves Patient Experience

Discover how a digital patient engagement strategy can provide easier access, reduce cancellations, and enhance front-end collections.

Pilot Program Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk

An innovative program involving patient awareness and provider outreach improves patient use of lipid-lowering therapies.

Behavioral Health Provider Digital Access Survey | Optum

Balancing health choices, cost and outcomes

The health care system has fewer resources than ever and struggles to provide care when and where people need it. How can employers support their workforces?

The Health Equity Alignment Solution (HEALS)

HEALS is a data analytics solution that highlights where and how inequities occur within a community, state or a health plan’s member population.

2023 trends shaping life sciences strategies

Life sciences market experts from Optum and Advisory Board offer their bold predictions and insights in 2023 for the industry.

Health and wellbeing offerings attract and retain talent

See what our 2022 Global Employer Insights Survey says about health and wellbeing (H&W) strategies and practices to help recruitment and retention.

Priority Identification Vaccine Operating Tool (PIVOT)

PIVOT provides the data analytics and visualization needed to optimize planning, administration and monitoring of vaccines.

Family-building inequities

Read how payers can turn the tide on 5 worrisome statistics.

Unlocking the promise of personal medicine

See how a peek at your genes enables more precise prescribing.

Mitigating maternal care deserts

For some mothers-to-be, health care options are disturbingly limited — or even nonexistent.

Spend more time with members and less time on paperwork

See how prospective assessment programs can reduce administrative burden and allow physicians to focus on what matters most: member care

Reinventing a health system for success

Learn about the Bassett Healthcare and Optum partnership.

New indicators of growth

Learn how to measure the success of consumer relationships in today's market.

Slowing the specialty pharmacy carve-out stampede

White paper: Defragment care with in-home assessments

In-home assessments can help to improve mental health and other social determinants for seniors. Read about the HouseCalls approach.

Vaccine Outreach - Implementing Community Engagement (VOICE)

VOICE addresses vaccine hesitancy in at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Health Plan Leaders on StepWise Migration to the Cloud

Strategic Growth for Health Systems

This webinar covers topics surrounding disruptive market forces, workforce strategy, competitors growing within the industry and finance.

Applying health equity through action and evidence

Optum VP of Health Equity Analytics, Dr. Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, discusses developing a data-driven strategy for equitable health outcomes.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Tech’s role for health care’s workforce

CMO Dr. Garry Choy discusses pros and cons of using automation and clinical decision support to meet today's workforce challenges.

Healthier Outcomes for Moms and Babies Through Data

By reaching out to women earlier in pregnancy, one state is supporting moms and babies and creating healthier outcomes for both with help from Optum.

Delivering the Personal Touch

Addressing pharmacy issues that matter to you

From specialty pharmacy to drug affordability, our experts tackle your biggest pharmacy challenges.

Health leaders share IT transformation stories

Hear John Muir Health and Bassett Health’s observations on digital transformation, modernizing infrastructure and strategic automation.

Volume 2: Revenue performance for better financial health

Read the white paper for strategies on achieving proper levels of reimbursement, writing off bad debt, and expanding into new service areas.

Wellness Coaching helps motivate employees

As a wellness coach, I connect employees with tools and resources that align with their health and wellbeing goals.

Digital scheduling at a rural health system

Learn how a rural health system achieved an ideal patient experience and increased bookings with digital scheduling.

Health and wellbeing now a top priority, say employers

Optum surveyed 347 global employers and found employee health and wellbeing (H&W) is a top priority — and it’s increasing in importance over time.

Making a better future for mental health care

Guide members to the right behavioral health care when they need it.

Addressing health equity barriers in cancer care

Discover the 5 pillars of equity-driven member navigation.

Building public confidence with health data

See how the FDA and Optum use real-world evidence to monitor the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in our youngest populations.

Personalized support for members with autism

Optum is breaking barriers in supporting members and families who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

For working in health care, positive future awaits

Sarah King, chief client officer, highlights how we can work together to overcome workforce challenges and forge a new path forward.

Support state Medicaid agency goals for members

Find out how a person-centered approach can help.

Clinical intelligence: The smartest revenue cycle investment

Our white paper shows how investing in smart technologies supports the revenue cycle from patient registration through full reimbursement.

6 workforce strategies for health care leaders

Strengthen and inspire your health care workforce. Our actionable toolkit offers new strategies to reconnect with talent, simplify workflows and more.

6 growth trends for patient-centric health care

Learn strategies you can use to differentiate your health system from your competitors.

How to achieve more inclusive MSK care

Musculoskeletal conditions are costly, common and fraught with health inequities. Here’s how a more holistic approach can help payers better serve all members.

Specialty vs. retail pharmacy

Specialty medications require high-touch support. Learn more about what sets specialty pharmacy apart from retail.

Creating better behavioral health care

We help people find care and support that’s easy to understand and access.

Support for your entire workforce

Invest in your organization’s most valuable asset — the people — with solutions for everyday life.

Study reveals costs for unrecognized kidney disease

Who are the patients in your market?

Get a complimentary custom market assessment to identify high-value patients and vulnerable populations to build meaningful engagements.

Platform strategy for digital transformation

Read more about the digital transformation journey and how to approach these challenges by working toward a product driven model.

Mental health support for youth and caregivers

Youth are struggling more than ever before with their mental health and well-being. We can help.

Executive series: Health Care Workforce Crisis

Get strategy, insight and resources to create an enterprise-wide health care workforce strategy.

Helping members achieve their goals

See how the right mental health care makes a difference.

Is poor market visibility compromising your growth?

How to understand your true growth potential.

Informing the FDA BEST Initiative

As a key FDA collaborator, Optum Epidemiology generates reproducible results that inform regulatory decisions for COVID-19 vaccines.

Payer-provider collaboration in ESRD care

Kidney disease is complex and expensive, and disproportionately impacts people with limited financial resources. Here’s how payers can help transform care.

Benefits of the Optum care model

Learn five fast facts assisted living communities should know.

Automation and workforce strategies for health care

C-suite panel shares six takeaways on how automation can address labor concerns, consumer expectations, inefficiencies and disparities.

Optum Global EAP

The Optum Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a simple, seamless solution to support your global workforce.

Enhancing billing accuracy with provider education

Enhancing billing accuracy with provider education

Making health screenings more convenient

Making health screenings more convenient

Achieve Accuracy and Efficiency in Claim Pricing

Create a framework that drives first-pass adjudication.

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Bassett Healthcare Network Blazes a Bold Path Forward with Optum

Personalized care: Focusing on the member

Hear from Optum Rx chief of operations, Jon Mahrt

Driving Hospital and Health System Growth strategy

Explore a collection of best practices for health systems.

Human Centered Design in Health Care

This Optum white paper shows how human-centered design builds technology and programs that are easy and intuitive for consumers to use.

Comprehensive payment integrity savings

Inform and improve your entire claims management lifecycle.

Four steps to an enterprise data strategy

Explore the steps for creating a real-world data strategy that helps life sciences companies to maximize their data investments.

Is Your Real-World Data Research Ready?

Real-world data can help evaluate the effectiveness of medications and therapies, which is why evaluation should be part of the investment.

Targeted care and lower cost: How one state achieved both

One state achieved both in delivering home health services.

Targeted marketing can fine-tune your consumer reach

Targeted marketing can fine-tune your consumer reach

Privacy, Please: Interoperability & Data Sharing

Interoperability and data sharing

Clinical and claims data: A powerful combination

Get a snapshot of the pros/cons of clinical and claims data.

Improve Women's Health with Community-Based Solutions

Improve Women's Health with Community-Based Solutions | Optum

Optum HouseCalls: In-home Multi-Dimensional Clinical Evaluation

In-home clinical evaluation of health and ongoing care needs

Case study: Provider performance analytics

Case study: Provider performance analytics

Achieving revenue integrity in a changing and complex climate

A Q&A about revenue integrity trends, challenges and effective strategies for improvement.

True interoperability adds value

Act on trends, enhance care coordination and much more.

Navigating three critical facets of health equity

This toolkit explores what CMOs need to do to lead the way.

Hearts Behind the Work: Meet Our People

Meet the people of Optum who are putting you at the center of everything we do.

Inadequate outcomes: The crisis of health inequity

Get a takeaway and hear from an expert panel on new ways to recognize health inequity and strategies leaders are taking to address it.

Webinar: Trends and challenges in telehealth

Explore new ways of doing business that allow you to meet shifting customer expectations, workforce challenges and emerging business goals.

Boulder Community Health and Optum

Optum partnership insights and strategies enable near- and long-term success for provider organizations.

Using Your EHR to Accelerate Digital Health

Explore how a thoughtful approach to EHR can impact the health care digital journey and help an organization achieve its business goals.

Optum Quit For Life

Discover the difference of an evidence-based program that offers a truly personalized approach and blends technology with a human touch.

5 questions: Premium Value formulary

Hear from OptumRx SVP of clinical & formulary services

Arkansas' New Approach to Medicaid Management

See how data and analytics help Arkansas manage one of the state's most vital and widely used government programs.

Optum Quit Services

Discover the difference of an evidence-based program that offers a truly personalized approach and blends technology with a human touch.

Third Annual Optum Survey - AI in Health Care

AI on the rise: Health leaders turn to tech in the pandemic.

Women's Health: Susan's Story

OB Homecare and advanced analytics deliver results.

Excela Health and Optum partner to serve the local community

This video discusses how Excela Health and Optum are working together to create financial sustainability and serve the local community.

How to control drug costs without compromising care

Explore three principles driving better pharmacy benefit decisions.

Retaining talent through employee integration

Explore a strategic alignment to transition employees within the expectations and goals of Market Performance Partnerships.

The true balance of diversity

Learn how CFOs can prioritize opportunities for equity.

Optum Quit For Life

Discover the difference of an evidence-based program that offers a truly personalized approach and blends technology with a human touch.

Cambia's evolution with StepWise

Cambia replaced their legacy health insurance premium quoting system for their small and midsize employer group business. The total health solutions company was determined to find a vendor that met their business vision.

Preparing for the future of life sciences

Life sciences leaders are thinking differently with data to support novel strategies.

Generating fuel for growth

Generating fuel for growth

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Explore five priorities to improve financial performance

Overcoming challenges to managing costs in health care

A Q&A about opportunities to improve margin performance

Behavioral Health Solutions

We support the journey to better health.

What to consider about weight loss drugs

Get the most from these pricey new obesity drugs by choosing the right coverage strategy and helping your members build lifelong habits.

Closing the diagnosis gap in chronic kidney disease

Most people with chronic kidney disease don’t know they have the condition. These payer strategies can help turn the tide.

Insights to improve outcomes and lower costs

Enabling providers and clinical teams with actionable patient data can create effective value-based care behavioral health programs.

The role of navigation in simplifying health care

An active approach to advocacy can help improve member experiences while driving down costs. Read our e-book to learn how.

Top Wellbeing Challenges for Employers Today | Optum

From transformation to triumph

Read this executive summary about Optum Serve's need to stay competitive amid dynamic trends and customer demands.

Revolutionizing cardiology at Boulder Community Health

Discover how Boulder Community Health and Optum Advisory worked together to achieve smart growth and sustainable change.

Winter: First big drugs for 2024

New treatments for NASH, schizophrenia and more are on the way.

Case study: Identifying patients at risk for a bone break

Optum Life Sciences experts used real-world data to assist in the testing of an algorithm designed to assess for osteoporosis risk.

Break down silos in clinical trial design with RWD and tools

Clinical trial protocol design and feasibility often occur in silos. Learn how to make the overall trial design process more effective.

Using data to improve health equity

Together, we can identify disparities and take steps toward health equity for all Americans.

A new approach to managing genetic testing

Better manage genetic test management solutions, ensuring the right test is used at the right time to determine the right care.

The 6 trends shaping pharma strategies in 2024

Life sciences market experts from Optum and Advisory Board share perspectives on trends that will influence the future drug value chain.

Benefits Hub Strategy: What employers need to know

Achieving health equity: Strategies for payers

Learn more about a comprehensive solution for health payers to address health disparities and achieve health equity.

Making better decisions in a crowded benefits landscape

Assessing vendors is daunting enough. But for many employers, limited data, contract variations and employee confusion add complexity.

Elevating employee engagement

Data-driven, targeted strategies help successfully increase employee use of mental health, financial and legal services.

The new drugs plan sponsors need to watch for

See which trends to consider when assessing the pharmacy benefit, which new drugs may be flying under the radar and what's coming.

Catalyze the use of RWE in the life sciences industry

Discover how using real-world evidence (RWE) in the life sciences industry can help catapult learning and drive impact for your company.

Value-based care in behavioral health

Learn strategies to equip mental health clinicians for success in making the transition to value-based care.

Improving performance at Excel Medical Center

Empower provider success and improve member care through digital integration.

Optum named a Leader in patient engagement

Everest Group recognizes Optum in its 2023 Patient Engagement Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment.

Weighty issue: How to contain GLP-1 costs

Get strategies for handling the new anti-obesity medications.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Health equity

UHG leader Catherine Anderson on building blocks of a health equity strategy, partnerships and leveraging resources for sustainable impact.

Clinicogenomics: advancing discovery and treatment

Watch Dr. Ashley Brenton, VP, real-world evidence and genomics, Optum Life Sciences, discuss patient journeys and cohort building.

Addressing the high cost of musculoskeletal care deferral

With musculoskeletal (MSK) incidence rates and costs rising, connecting members with the care they need is more urgent than ever.

Pharmacy Network Strategy

Our full-spectrum pharmacy services are designed to provide affordable access to prescription medications and therapies.

Regulatory updates with Optum Rx

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in pharmacy legislation.

Wellbeing in the Workplace Study

Global employers share insights on their efforts to adapt wellbeing strategies to meet their greatest workplace challenges.

Driving innovation with new services

One organization decreased uncompensated care, increased loyalty and patient satisfaction, and connected patients with more funding sources.

Virtual urgent care scheduling for telehealth

Optum Patient Access and Engagement connects consumers to virtual urgent care through a national telehealth platform.

Automating Success: The Keys to Revenue Cycle Transformation

Gain expert insights into strategies to decrease costs, unlock new sources of growth and improve patient experiences.

Streamline Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment

The rise of healthcare consumerism has prompted many hospitals and health systems to rethink their patient satisfaction strategies.

Advancing health equity: How Optum Rx Is overcoming challenges

Thought leaders discuss the intentional vigilance needed to overcome obstacles impeding better access to health care for all.

Annual Optum survey on consumer care preferences

Optum surveyed more than 1,200 consumers to understand their experiences when accessing care. Download this e-book to read our findings.

Address the complexity of the claims process

Read the interview for insights into how state leaders can reduce administrative cost, and support collaboration with providers

Breast cancer awareness month

Early detection is critical to fighting breast cancer; advances in technology are helping

An interview with Jamie Freedman, MD, PhD, and Shalini Mohan, MD

This interview about health equity and clinical trials is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Integrated RWD: the key to accelerating innovation

To maximize the value of clinical innovations, you need dimensional, robust data. Learn about leveraging integrated cost and clinical data.

Interview with Jason Spangler on value assessment frameworks

This interview is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Toward Outcomes-Based Payments

Learn from industry leaders about the push to generate evidence and demonstrate value for health care provider value.

Navigating the rapid growth of healthcare data

Optum Advisory experts share how their actuarial consultants help providers reduce care fragmentation and increase coordination.

Integrated in‑home and in‑office assessments program

Help manage care and improve quality by providing members in-home and in-office care assessment options through one streamlined approach.

How Health Equity Can Be a Catalyst for Growth

Providing better care for the underserved is vital for healthier communities. It can also be a wise strategy to unlock organizational growth.

Viewpoints on the 2025 CMS Advance Notice

Don't miss this exclusive webinar and the chance to learn how your Medicare Advantage plan can better prepare for the 2025 changes.

Combating the opioid epidemic

Medication interventions save lives — more people need access to them.

Experts agree: PBMs add value, lower costs

PBMs don’t cause high drug costs — they’re part of the solution. Our drug prices beat the “low cost” vendors.

Navigating the rapid growth of health care data

Optum Advisory experts share how their actuarial consultants help providers reduce care fragmentation and increase coordination.

3 ways to address vaccine fatigue

Learn about researched vaccine messaging themes and important steps you can take to promote critical vaccinations for members.

An interview with Chris Boone, PhD on precision medicine

This interview is part of the "Let's talk" conversation series.

Meet the rising demand from seniors to age in place

In-home assessments can improve outcomes, reduce health care costs and align with member preference.

Connecting Patients to Clinical Trials in Community Care Settings

Learn how real-world data can increase access beyond traditional research sites.

How to manage blockbuster anti-obesity drugs

The pricey weight management drugs work well, but users need coaching and support to maintain the benefits.

2022 Agent Insights report

The 2022 Agent Insights report highlights consumer trends plus 10 key insights to help you grow and succeed.

The impact of corrective actions on Stars ratings

Learn more about the impact and implications of a Corrective Action Plan and how Stars and these corrective actions are interconnected.

Forging a new frontier in mental and behavioral health

Overcome today's barriers with leadership, collaboration and investment strategies that proactively address mental and behavioral health.

Autoimmune and Gastroenterology Center of Excellence

When you work with the Optum® Autoimmune (AI) and Gastroenterology (GI) Center of Excellence, you’ll have access to therapy-specific tools and resources to get your patients with AI/GI conditions started on therapy quickly and efficiently.

Natural language processing (NLP) methods for RWD insights

NLP systems allow us to draw insights from billions of unstructured medical notes. Learn more about our NLP methodology in this white paper.

Decreasing avoidable claim denials with transparency

In this white paper, see how near real-time visibility prevents improper claim denials.

A New Approach: guidance along the fertility journey

Discover how health plans can set aside ad hoc solutions and adopt a comprehensive approach to improve health outcomes and accessibility to fertility care.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Value-based care

Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses the path forward for value-based care including implementation challenges, benefits and keys to success.

Why you should prioritize digital payments

Digital payment processing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here's why it should be at the top of your priority list.

Get competitive with coding and CDI analytics

Watch the demo to learn how our analytics platform provides custom, value-added reports with the data insights you want.

SDOH solutions: Transforming health care for all

Learn from experts how to transform health care by addressing the social and economic factors that impact health outcomes.

Taking aim at the U.S. maternal mental health crisis

New and expectant mothers are facing an epidemic — and a lack of support in addressing it. Read how health plans and employers can help.

Utilizing Patient Access Contact Center Services

See how a hospital streamlined scheduling for about 700 providers and strengthened customer service for over 65,000 patient calls monthly.

How CAPs directly impact your Stars performance

Stars Final Rule and the importance of taking a member-centric approach to improve health equity.

Gene therapies: Can we afford the future of medicine?

Learn how to manage financial risk as gene therapies become more commonplace.

SDOH solutions: Improving population health outcomes

Learn how we are utilizing technology to understand and impliment effective population health interventions.

5 trends that defined pharmacy in 2023

See which trends are shaping the present and future of pharmacy care services.

Webinar: Solving trial recruitment challenges with data

Learn from clinical trial leaders how you can address recruitment roadblocks by unlocking real-world data (RWD).

Optimize Patient Access with Automation and Technology

This webinar shares best practices for optimizing patient access with automation and consumer-centric technology strategies.

Diagnosis and care recommendations for rare congenital anomaly

Rigorous work-up leads to conservative CHD (Congenital Heart Disease) treatment approach.

Strategies to beat the RCM labor shortage

See how strategic revenue cycle partnerships can help you thrive amid the Great Resignation.

The value of DEX Z-Codes in the commercial space

Optum and Palmetto experts partner in discussing how to solve genetic lab challenges in legacy solutions.

Easier access to mental health services

Learn how Refresh Mental Health used online scheduling to simplify consumer access to mental health care.

Two-sided risk: Medicare Advantage vs. fee-for-service Medicare programs

How fully accountable care improves quality outcomes.

Maternal and infant health insights

Optum Advisory uncovers disparities in maternal and infant outcomes — commercial vs. Medicaid — identifying key factors.

New hope for neurological conditions

Learn how a holistic model enhances multiple sclerosis care.

What if pragmatic trials were more practical?

Pragmatic trials look increasingly attractive to researchers, but they’re tough to execute. Learn how to simplify the process.

2024 Stars Preview: A Return to Normal and a Path Forward

Perform key actions to manage your Stars performance with a focus on member engagement. Learn how to take control of your Star ratings now.

Fecal transplant to treat recurrent urinary tract infection

Leveraging a microbiome approach.

The road to financial stability

Health system CFOs share insights to navigating razor-thin margins

Health Equity Vision Into Action Report

Learn how identifying and addressing disparities in health care allows everyone to live their healthiest life.

Regulatory update: Winter 2023

Get the latest on legislation impacting PBMs.

Fitness for a generation that never gets old

With baby boomers rapidly aging into Medicare, health plans must take an informed approach when marketing fitness benefits. Here’s how.

Fall 2023: Exciting advances for sickle cell, chronic obesity, Alzheimer’s

See potential cures for sickle cell and new help for chronic obesity and Alzheimer’s, along with how they work and how much they cost.

Transforming the pharmacy industry with transparency

Hear how the industry’s most transparent and independent Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee evaluates drugs for the Optum Rx formulary.

How Health Data Can Improve MSK Care for Members | Optum

Think differently: Strategies for incremental modernization

States can build on a step-by-step approach to modernization, incrementally transforming the user experience without disruption.

Get ahead of 3 pharmacy trends that will affect your plan

Find out what’s changing the pharmacy market and how it could impact you.

Key considerations when updating provider management modules

Explore 6 key factors when updating, streamlining and coordinating provider management modules with other Medicaid functions.

6 guiding steps for selecting a fit-for-purpose data set

Using RWD that are not fit for purpose can waste time and money. Review 6 simple steps to guide your research towards the right data.

Hybrid work schedules impact employer H&W programmes

When we surveyed global employers, we found they are looking to increase the number of health and wellness (H&W) programmes they offer. Find out more.

Critical Steps to Navigating Change Management

See how an effective change management strategy can help people adapt to change more quickly and nimbly.

Addressing challenges with CDI and coding

Read the success story to hear how Optum technology helped increase John Muir Health's monthly CDI case review average by 22%

What’s changing the PBM industry?

In this conversation, learn from Optum Rx thought leaders on how access, affordability and transparency have become imperatives for pharmacy benefit management.

Extending an independent lifestyle for seniors

The Optum differentiator helps communities attract and retain residents.

Help Improve Your Members' Health with Optum HouseCalls

Medicare Advantage members receiving in-home assessments saw reductions in emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays across 4 conditions.

HouseCalls travels far and wide to support members’ health

The HouseCalls program provides health plans with annual in-home clinical assessments for Medicare Advantage members available in 50 states.

Innovative approaches to collaborate with PCP's

Understanding the challenges confronting Medicare Advantage plans and their Medical Loss Ratio.

3 Ways Digital Movement Is Reshaping Member Experiences | Optum

Best practices for reducing provider abrasion

Find out what is driving the recent increase in abrasion and learn what health plans can do to alleviate provider pain points.

Addressing the root causes of mental health disparities

Discover steps and strategies to reduce disparities among vulnerable populations and remove barriers for more equitable mental health care.

Staying current in your core admin platform

Get current, stay current and leverage the newest platform capabilities with ongoing release management.

What’s the biggest challenge to health and wellbeing programme success in EMEA?

When Optum surveyed 347 global employers, companies in EMEA said understanding employees’ needs was one of their main challenges.

Alzheimer's treatment: Time for a level-set?

See success rates, risks and costs of the new Alzheimer’s treatments.

Promoting patient access to gene therapies for rare disorders

Optum Life Sciences experts discuss value-based contracts at the 5th Annual Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Conference.

Spotlight: Fitness needs across generations

How to engage hard-to-reach kidney disease patients

Chronic kidney disease impacts millions of Americans. Payers must partner more closely with providers to better target the members most at risk.

How to implement patient-centered oncology care

Faster access to mental health care

Give employees guaranteed access to mental health care with the Premium Network model from Emotional Wellbeing Solutions.

Key learnings for modernizing your state’s legacy system

As you embark on maintenance and operations (M&O) modernization, consider how these 8 best practices can drive your success.

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Future-ready claims review: automation isn’t enough

As claims grow more complex, many automation methods aren't sophisticated enough for the job. See how payers can take claims review to the next level.

Working together to help end the opioid epidemic

Opioids are powerful drugs with a high risk of misuse and dependence. A comprehensive solution can help address this complex problem.

What if providers’ clinical data were research-ready?

Providers collect data about patients every day. But what should they be considering — and doing — to put their clinical data to good use?

Can innovation help the health care workforce crisis?

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and Optum leaders examine human-focused innovations for the health care workforce.

5 ways shift-of-site care is a win for all women

With unique needs, women benefit greatly from a wider array of care options. Payers and employers can reap big rewards by providing them.

Supporting our kids

Mental health needs are increasing in youth. Experts share their insights on how to best support them so they can grow into healthy adults.

More inclusive MSK care: how can employers help?

Discover what employers can do to support all employees who may be coping with costly and common musculoskeletal conditions.

The secret to lowering the total cost of care

Rising pharmacy costs concern everyone. Managing the underlying health conditions behind each prescription is key to addressing these high costs.

Improving access to behavioral health services

See how Optum helped one state visualize utilization and demographic data around ‌behavioral health programs.

Ensuring responsible use of AI in health care

See how we use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help people live healthier lives and make the health system work better for everyone.

Mental Health: Optum Addresses the Great Information Divide

Explore the challenges and opportunities in mining mental health data for individuals and communities.

Achieving health equity: Actionable analytics unlock improved outcomes

By applying analytics solutions, states can create a comprehensive roadmap to better health equity.

Breakthroughs in kidney care

Explore the most promising innovations in renal care for people with chronic kidney disease.

Intelligent automation improves underwriting results

Machine learning coupled with software features and cost-tuning delivered significantly improved predictive value and underwriting results.

Four steps to optimizing value-based care

Learn how combining these steps can help power a holistic workflow between payers and care delivery.

Strategies to reduce administrative costs

Strategies to fix payer-provider collaboration, streamline patient financial experience and apply AI technologies for better cost savings.

Collaborative strategies to optimize complex care management

As caring for complex patients gets more complicated, payers and providers must partner to provide better, more accessible, lower-cost care.

Novel data collection for a difficult-to-study condition

To build a more complete picture of the patient burden, the Optum HEOR team investigates patients’ experiences with their treatment journey.

Orphan drugs market: Can we afford them?

We examine key questions around orphan drugs such as why they're so expensive, how they're being used and what plan sponsors should do next.

Fertility solution overview

Whether for personal or professional reasons, many couples today are delaying starting a family. However, waiting to conceive can lead to fertility issues — for one partner or both.

Unraveling complexity in specialty care

Learn how Optum is streamlining care delivery with insights from patients and providers to improve outcomes and drive down costs.

Reassess the Inflation Reduction Act with evidence in mind

Cut through the noise of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 with key points aimed to help life sciences leaders leverage impactful data.

Driving a frictionless digital patient experience

Watch the webinar to learn how to reduce friction points impacting the digital journey and preventing patients from getting in the door.

Biosimilars to save billions in this decade

Prices for popular brand-name biologics drop up to 60% with generic-equivalent biosimilars.

Leverage AI-powered CDI and coding

CDI programs are expanding to support risk adjustment initiatives. Integrated CDI technologies are needed to support revenue and integrity.

Analytics in payer-oncologist partnerships

See 4 ways that payers can help health care providers unlock the power of real-world data to drive quality and innovation in cancer care.

5 things to know about the new landscape of fertility benefits

More and more, benefits leaders see the value of reproductive health — and it’s changing how they approach offerings.

Partnering to reduce fraud, waste and abuse

We partner with federal agencies to address challenges and support their unique needs through technologies, solutions and best practices.

Delivering on the promise of fertility care

As a highly specialized area of care, fertility treatment is a significant cost driver for health plans and employers.

Cost optimization strategies to restore financial health

Watch the webinar for insights on disruptive market forces, the health care economy, cost-management efforts and managing operating costs.

Health system boosts reach with payer channel scheduling

St. Luke’s Health dramatically increased volumes and decreased costly no shows with Optum digital scheduling. Learn how your system can, too.

Support the four pillars of wellbeing

International wellness expert Rayson Ng shares how companies can design wellbeing programmes to build a culture of health.

Understanding college students' mental health needs

Read about the realities of campus behavioral health care and how we can make it better.

Guided help for mental health support

We’re making it easier for people to access care.

Engage providers to impact member outcomes

Download our infographic to learn how Optum can take the burden off of payers to impact provider performance.

Life Sciences: Top stakeholder questions to consider

Ask your stakeholders what they need early on. Consider these top questions that patients, providers, payers and regulators are looking to answer.

Do employers care about employee financial wellbeing?

We surveyed 347 global employers to learn more about the importance of employee financial health in health and wellbeing (H&W) strategy.

New mandatory CMS reporting rules will impact states

To meet the requirements, states should consider focusing on five key areas.

GLP-1 agonists: A new class of weight loss medications

In this conversation, discover how new weight loss drugs like Wegovy are changing obesity management and their connection to diabetes.

Tackle workforce crisis with human innovation

Explore human-focused innovations for solving health care workforce challenges while reaping benefits for all.

Empowering clients with more choice and transparency

Helping make prescription drugs more affordable for plan sponsors and the members we serve is a universal focus.

Missing pieces in the patient journey puzzle

Clinicogenomic data, unstructured data and novel clinical trials solutions can all contribute to completing the view of the patient journey.

Improve provider engagement with Optum Mobile Query

Watch the demo video to streamline your CDI/coder query workflow and engage providers in real time.

Navigate the intersection of risk adjustment and Stars

Discover 5 strategies that will help your health plan be prepared to factor risk adjustment data into Star Ratings.

When health care works better for everyone

See how building an outcomes-based model for behavioral health care can benefit both clinicians and patients.

Optum On-Site Care Employer Contact Us

Optum On-Site Care Employer Contact Us

Reimagine your employee assistance program

Help employees feel mentally, physically and financially well with Emotional Wellbeing Solutions.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Care delivery innovation

Optum Health CEO discusses care delivery innovation within value-based care and the role of alignment, partnership and analytics.

Autoimmune, oncology, diabetes and obesity rule drug spending

Many patients combined with expensive drugs leads to top spending classes.

Challenges and opportunities with clinicogenomic data

Genomic data linked to the longitudinal health record hold great insight. How should researchers think about and use these powerful data?

New innovative treatments for hemophilia B, RSV, COPD

Cutting-edge research in gene therapy, mRNA editing and blood enzymes pays off with powerful new advances for these drug classes.

Eliminating surprises in pharmacy spend

Old strategies and new drugs don’t mix. Future-proof your plan and get better predictability with new specialty pricing models.

Connections that count: Redefining the PBM experience

Hear from experts on better ways to simplify the complex health care experience through impactful innovation.

Introducing our new patient access and engagement platform

View the public launch of Optum Patient Access and Engagement on demand.

Get immediate savings on specialty drugs

Specialty drug spend is a "top threat" to employer-provided benefits. Discover sustainable savings with your existing Optum Rx plan.

Building the PBM of the future

Creating solutions plan sponsors need today to tackle tomorrow’s pharmacy challenges.

How to empower employees with a health advocacy solution

What makes a meaningful advocacy program? One that delivers strong health outcomes and compelling savings through a patient-centric lens.

The latest PBM regulations: Summer 2024

Get your guide to the evolving health care regulatory landscape and see what’s coming as lawmakers debate 600+ new bills impacting PBMs.

Specialty drugs: Not just set and forget?

For optimizing specialty drug therapy, monitoring patients throughout their care is key to cost-effective use of high-cost drugs.

Taking the paper out of member communications

Discover how digital communications can increase member engagement and lower the cost of care.

3 ways holistic MSK care improves all avenues of care

An integrated approach can help employers and health plans fight back against skyrocketing musculoskeletal (MSK) costs.

The value of clinical notes: Beyond the structured data field

What more is there to the patient story? Get deeper data insight into patient-clinician interactions with de-identified clinical notes.

Buyer's guide to RCM services

Buyer's guide from Everest Group offers insights into RCM partnership models and advice to future-proof your RCM operations.

2024 Annual Health Care Trends Report

Get expert analysis for C-suite health care leaders on the forces driving change. Explore challenges, what to watch and how to move forward.

Viewpoints on the 2025 CMS Final Notice

Download this executive summary to learn how these changes may affect your Medicare Advantage plan.

Revolutionizing specialty medication management

Get an in-depth assessment of the ways Specialty Fusion is revolutionizing specialty drug management.

Outlook on oncology 2024

See how emerging trends, including a global pandemic, are reshaping the landscape of oncology care and medication.

Transforming CDI and coding with advanced analytics

Banner Health and Optum paired AI-powered technology with advanced analytics to expand focus on quality and risk-adjustment initiatives.

Does your patient engagement platform check all the boxes?

A patient engagement platform that covers the full patient journey can streamline operations and costs.

10 years of innovation with the FDA — and more in store

Dr. John Seeger reflects on Optum contributions to the Sentinel Initiative and looks forward to the opportunities ahead.

Preparing your plan for the GLP-1 era

After revolutionizing care for diabetes and weight loss, GLP-1 drugs are being eyed more. Can we afford it?

C-suite research report: Consumer-centric health care

Examine the acceleration toward consumer-centric care with insights from health care leaders — and what that means for your strategic plan.

An employee benefits strategy that balances cost and care

Learn how to develop an efficient benefits strategy that helps your people be well — while balancing your budget and achieving value.

Partnerships to close gaps in maternal health

Learn how we can help states take strategic, tactical action on health equity challenges like home-lessness and perinatal care.

Best practices for optimizing your payment integrity program

What’s informing HEOR strategies in 2025? Insights from our experts

2023 Health Plan Executive Insights White Paper

Three themes emerged in our latest CEO study: rising customer expectations, government influence and labor shortages.

Shooting for the Stars? Focus on Your Members

Achieve a more equitable and meaningful member experience.

Better financial health and improved operations

Improve cost optimization by controlling fixed costs, increasing efficiency and enabling organizational flexibility and agility.

Empowering health care workers

Helping make prescription drugs more affordable for plan sponsors and the members we serve is a universal focus.

Achieving and keeping 4+ Star performance

New CMS Medicaid and CHIP rules in 2024 will impact states

Dustin Haisler, host of’s ICYMI, and Optum leaders discuss how changes in quality measures for Medicaid and CHIP may impact states.

System modernization for health plans

Learn how technology and infrastructure investments enable growth and help with evolving regulatory requirements and increasing competition.