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Providing better healthcare solutions

We work with employers, state and federal governments, health plans, providers and life sciences companies to address health holistically.


How we can help


Improve employee health and well-being

Optum offers employers a range of healthcare solutions, from pharmacy benefit management to financial consultation and mental health support.

Learn how Optum Women’s Health reduces costs

Explore Optum Rx pharmacy benefits

Discover our mental health offerings

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Assisting federal agencies with their healthcare mission

Optum Serve provides high-quality healthcare to Military Service Members and Veterans with more than 38,000 providers and over 1,000 neighborhood medical centers.

See how we serve America’s military and Veterans

Learn how we accelerate tech innovation

Explore how to streamline operational processes

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Delivering analytics-powered solutions for state agencies

We provide state programs with advanced decision-making tools powered by Health and Human Services information data.

Learn about data and analytics platforms

Explore maintenance and operations services

Discover how to improve outcomes for high-risk populations

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Improving member outcomes and lowering costs

We provide health plans targeted cost-of-care management for high-spend areas like testing and emergency room use.

Partner with us to lower costs

Explore Optum Rx pharmacy benefits

Engage providers beyond risk management

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Generating quality evidence from real-world data assets

At Optum, we offer deep data-gathering services to address the analytical needs of life sciences teams.

Maximize the return on your real-world data

Use HEOR to strengthen your value story

Engage our network to deliver your programs

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Solving problems for healthcare providers

We help health systems improve financial performance, accelerate growth and address challenges in their hospitals and physicians groups.

Innovate the revenue cycle for peak performance

Explore pharmacy solutions

Become a clinician at Optum

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Capabilities for any healthcare challenge


Pharmacy benefit management

Optum Rx® offers a care-first approach to pharmacy benefit management (PBM) to balance affordability and outcomes.

Learn about our PBM services for:


Health plans

Public sector

Financial solutions

Optum Financial® offers a suite of solutions to assist organizations and account holders to plan, pay and save for their healthcare expenses.

Learn about our financial solutions for:


Health systems

Health plans

Healthcare consulting solutions

We help healthcare leaders navigate change and drive growth while reducing the cost of care.

Learn about our advisory services for health plans and providers.

Behavioral health solutions

We’re making the healthcare ecosystem better for everyone by treating the whole person.

Learn more about our behavioral health solutions for: 


Health plans

State governments

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Creating a holistic care approach for your organization

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