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Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services

Our complete solution can help your state meet compliance.


Data access modernizes the health system

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Interoperability and Patient Access final rule is a significant milestone. It will advance interoperability and efficient data exchange across the entire health system. 

Enabling patients secure access to their own data requires payer and provider systems to align in support of care delivery. This will help eliminate the data silos that have led to health system complexities.

Compliance with flexibility and scale

Optum is a leader in promoting standards based exchange of data across health care. We offer services and solutions that facilitate claims and clinical data exchange.

Optum® Interoperability and Patient Access Services enables Medicaid agencies to meet state and federal compliance for all components of the CMS rule. Our approach is cloud-based, scalable and flexible. It allows seamless data flow through Medicaid systems to the patient’s preferred third-party application.

Learn how Optum Interoperability and Patient Access Services can help your agency meet compliance and unlock the value of interoperability.

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