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Transforming the six zones of consumer experience

Discover innovations to drive engagement, loyalty and growth.

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Health consumers are getting harder to engage

Despite COVID-19 adjustments, many health organizations are still not used to treating members or patients like consumers. With safety concerns, cost pressures and competitive threats, health organizations are thinking differently about attracting and retaining customers.

This e-book highlights innovations and success factors across the consumer health experience, including:

  • Shopping for benefits — Can you help consumers understand benefit choices?
  • Staying well — How do SDOH impact health outcomes?
  • Choosing care — Can you make navigation easier?
  • Receiving care — Do you connect consumers to the right care at right time?
  • Managing conditions — Can you help consumers stay in control?
  • Saving and paying for care — Do you enable financial decision making?

Understanding consumer financial considerations, their access to services, health literacy and health goals can help improve communications and better align offerings. Find key questions for C-suite leaders to address and fast actions to shift your organization.

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