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Support for neurology providers

Neurology Center of Excellence

When you work with the Optum® Neurology Center of Excellence, we provide tools that help facilitate easy and effective communication so you can spend more time with your patients.

Support you and your patients can rely on

We can help:

  • Run live test claims to verify benefits
  • Find financial assistance for your patients
  • Handle urgent medication requests (if medication is needed within 24 hours)
  • Review reporting and analytics so you know how the program is working

Clinical expertise and customized care

Specialists include multiple sclerosis-certified pharmacists, a concierge team for patients and a devoted provider support team, all with years of experience working with this condition. From the first welcome call to financial assistance, our neurology clinical program is built to care for your patients every step of their health journey.

We’ve also added more resources for you, including a dedicated provider phone: 1-855-215-0235.

Count on us for care

See all the ways we can make your life easier as a provider.

Targeted interventions

Accurate adherence is necessary for efficient treatment. So, we apply built-in targeted interventions, based on years of collected clinical data, to help your patients stay on track.

Manufacturer support

We work directly with manufacturers using a unique fax and phone, so prescriptions get processed and delivered faster — and your patients get on the therapy they need without delays.

Appeals team

Our appeals team has nurses who write customized letters of appeal, regardless of formulary restrictions to help your patients get on the medications that work best for them, faster.

Digital solutions

We offer convenient, easy-to-use tools including secure messaging, adherence notifications, text reminders and Schedule My Fill to create a seamless patient management experience.


My 17-year journey with multiple sclerosis

Hear one woman’s experience navigating symptoms, getting access to medications, managing side effects and staying healthy.

A holistic care model that puts patients first

The Neurology Center of Excellence provides clinical expertise to help physicians manage care for their patients living with MS.


Specialty and Infusion Drug List

Use our search tool to find medications that Optum Specialty Pharmacy and/or Optum Infusion Pharmacy can provide or facilitate access to.

How we help

Our patient-centered services and convenient tools make it easier to navigate the healthcare system. Our dedicated team will be there throughout the course of treatment to support providers and advocate for patients.

  • Fax: 1-877-342-4596
  • Call the dedicated provider line: 1-855-215-0235
  • E-prescribe using the information below, and we will route to one of our pharmacies to be filled:
    1050 Patrol Road,
    Jeffersonville, IN 47130
    NPI: 1083045140
    NCPDP: 1564930
  • Multiple sclerosis orals/injectables – Complete the manufacturer start form including the patient’s signature for consent. Fax the completed form and clinical notes to 1-877-342-4596.
  • Briumvi®/Tysabri®/Ocrevus® – If requesting drug only infused medication (for white bag distribution), please fax the signed order to 1-877-342-4596.

Speak to your account manager for help with:

  • Prior Auth Preferences
    • Designated teams focused on PA processing for specialty drugs
    • Early identification of specialty Pas expiring within 30 days
    • Proactive outreach to doctors to start PA process and regular follow-up track status
    • Daily review of open PAs
    • Total oversight for quicker resolution and dispensing
  • Communication Channels
    • Choose how you want to get messages: via fax, phone, email or send a chat through the provider portal — we’ll communicate the way you prefer. We can help:
      • Run live test claims to verify benefits
      • Find financial assistance for your patients
      • Handle urgent medication requests (if medication is needed within 24 hours)
      • Review reporting and analytics so you know how the program is working

Technology-enabled adherence programs including a text adherence program and Optum® Schedule My Fill, all help your patients follow their care plan improve patient outcomes.

90.6% average adherence rate for multiple sclerosis patients

Source: Optum Specialty Pharmacy. Multiple sclerosis average adherence rate for 2022. Accessed July 14, 2023.

Schedule My Fill has resulted in:

94% improved/maintained adherence rates

89% fewer gap days

Source: Optum internal data, April 2023

Find everything you need in one place:

  1. View prior authorization status, initiate appeals and see denial history
  2. Track prescription status and referral activities with enhanced dashboard views
  3. Easily search for patient medication lists, allergy information, diagnosis codes and insurance information
  4. Access more features coming soon to streamline your process


Request access


  1. Call our dedicated MS provider line at 1-855-215-0235, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday
  2. Chat with us through the provider portal
  3. Fax: 1-877-342-4596
  4. Email: Dedicated MS Center of Excellence Provider Mailbox:
  5. Call our dedicated MS patient line at 1-844-265-1760, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday–Friday

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