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Multiple sclerosis

We provide therapy, support and resources for people affected by multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

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Personalized support for multiple sclerosis and neurological conditions

When you’re diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), the specialty medications you take are an important part of your treatment plan. At Optum® Specialty Pharmacy, we offer resources, programs and clinical support to manage your medications with confidence.

Medication and treatment plans for MS can be complex. We provide support from pharmacists and patient care coordinators who are trained in MS care. You can also access a wide range of treatments. Optum can support all 3 types of multiple sclerosis medications — oral, injectable and infused.

Our neurology program has recently expanded and now includes Parkinson’s disease, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD), Huntington’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

If you're being treated with an infusion therapy at home, or an Optum ambulatory infusion suite, Optum can provide nursing services through Optum Infusion Pharmacy.

Patient services

We understand that people living with MS have unique needs. Our MS team offers a clinical management program to help you get the most out of your treatment plan through compassionate care and personalized support.

The program features regular assessments with our care team that include comprehensive health and lifestyle screenings. They find any barriers to adherence — such as cost or depression — and then work to coordinate care.

Optum Connections

Being treated with a specialty medication can be overwhelming. With Optum Specialty Pharmacy, you will be connected with a specially trained team of experts who provide treatment based on your unique needs and lifestyle.

To help you get started, one of our patient care coordinators will call you to set up your account and answer any questions you might have. You'll also get access to Optum® Connections, an online platform built to help you manage your condition through virtual visits and a video series where you can:

  • See how other patients with your condition have managed their diagnosis and treatment
  • Get advice from clinical experts
  • Learn more about your treatment and how to infuse at home, if appropriate

Managing MS can be overwhelming, but we'll be with you every step of the way.

Learn more about Optum Connections.

Even more digital tools

From text reminders to a comprehensive online patient portal, we offer even more digital tools to help keep you on your medication. Learn more below.

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Meet Chloe

At age 29, Chloe was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Though some days it can be hard to get out of bed, both physically and emotionally, her therapy team has helped make her condition more manageable while also showing her that she's not alone.

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Helpful information

We offer a wide range of treatments for MS.

Multiple sclerosis oral and injectable medications:

  • Ampyra®
  • Aubagio®
  • Avonex®
  • Bafiertam™
  • Betaseron®
  • Briumvi™
  • Copaxone®
  • dalfampridine
  • dimethyl fumarate
  • Extavia®
  • fingolimod
  • Gilenya®
  • glatiramer acetate
  • Glatopa®
  • H.P. Acthar Gel®
  • Kesimpta®
  • Lemtrada®
  • Mavenclad®
  • Mayzent®
  • Ocrevus®
  • Plegridy®
  • Ponvory™
  • Rebif®
  • Tecfidera®
  • teriflunomide
  • Tysabri®
  • Vumerity™
  • Zeposia®

We can directly help you with appeals. The Optum appeals team writes personalized appeals letters in less than two business days. In 2021, our specialized Optum appeals team saw an overturn rate of 80% after previous denial.

Learn more

We're committed to making high-cost MS therapies more affordable. While some other pharmacies just inform patients of their funding options, we work tirelessly to help patients start — and stay — on therapy.

We helped secure $66.9 million in multiple sclerosis-specific third-party financial aid in 2020.1

Our financial aid services include:

  • Program tracking: We track funding available from foundations and manufacturers.
  • Enrollment relief: We check patient eligibility and facilitate enrollment for foundation and copay card programs — obtaining, tracking and completing requirements.
  •  Proactive support: Before funding expires, we renew assistance or look for other programs to help keep therapy affordable and keep patients on therapy longer.

Ask your patient care coordinator, and we'll get started.

Learn more about our financial assistance resources

Digital calling card: It is our top priority to get your medications to you as quickly as possible. Now there’s an easy way for you to know when we are calling: add us to your contacts.

Avoid delays and get your medication faster. Text “Contact” to 55455 to add Optum Specialty Pharmacy as a contact in your phone.

Patient Portal: The Optum Specialty Pharmacy patient portal offers extra support to help you manage your care:

  • Request refills and schedule delivery dates
  • Track order status
  • Make payments and manage credit card information
  • View and update account information
  • Receive one-on-one support with a care team member or pharmacist through secure video or live chat

Contact the Dedicated MS Team at 1-844-265-1760 to discuss care and treatment options that can help you live a healthy life.

On average, it takes 18 days for patients to get their medication when start forms are sent to manufacturer hubs first.2

According to one study, treatment delays and stress associated with getting medications triggered relapses or worsened their multiple sclerosis — 49% of respondents reported at least one relapse while waiting for their medications.3

Send your start forms to Optum Specialty Pharmacy first. We quickly verify benefits and complete the prior authorization process.

We also coordinate with the manufacturer hubs to enroll your patients in a copay card, injection training and patient education programs if applicable.

Call our team:

Optum Specialty Pharmacy Phone: 1-855-427-4682
Dedicated MS team: 1-844-265-1760 
Fax:  1-877-342-4596  


Optum Neurology Center of Excellence

Instructions for how to refer a patient

Multiple sclerosis drug manufacturer forms

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