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Forward-thinking strategies for 2022

Explore this video series featuring insights for Life Sciences leaders, delivered by experts from across health care.

Today’s drug development pipelines include more precision therapies than ever before — not only targeting rare diseases, but also more common conditions. As more treatments come to market for even greater portions of the population, the need to articulate value and generate evidence will only continue to grow.

Last fall, Optum Life Sciences convened industry experts for a series of conversations on real-world data and real-world evidence. Over the course of six interactive sessions, we covered how life sciences companies can harness these resources to prepare for what’s to come.

The coming wave of precision therapies

Today’s drug pipelines include more targeted therapies than ever. Some target rare diseases, while others rely on biomarkers or genetic tests to guide appropriate use. That means the entire ecosystem must think differently about access, value and contracting.

Featured speakers

Sheenu Kachru, CEO, Optum Life Sciences

Solomon Banjo, Managing Director, Life Sciences Research, Advisory Board

Erin Satterwhite, General Manager, Optum Frontier Therapies

Erik Schindler, General Director, Emerging Therapeutics and Outcomes-Based Contracting, UnitedHealthcare Pharmacy

Our panel addresses how to: 

  • Understand why the market is finally primed for value-based contracting
  • Recognize what needs to happen to enable broader adoption 
  • Develop a framework to help them drive change and set their organizations up for success

Launch strategies for precision medicine

Making value-based contracts work requires more than successful pricing and negotiation. It requires a fundamental rethinking of your commercialization strategy — launch planning must begin much earlier in the product development process.

Featured speakers

Lisa Carman, Vice President, HEOR and Value-Based Contracting, Optum Life Sciences (Moderator)

Emily Chee, General Manager, Novartis Gene Therapies

Joanne Sellner, Value and Access, Lilly USA, LLC

Hear your peers share their pioneering approaches including how to:

  • Develop a framework to design and adjudicate value-based contracts 
  • Understand how two pharmaceutical leaders incorporated lessons learned into their own plans 
  • Receive tips for change management

RWD to support targeted therapies

How to define and measure value in ways that are meaningful to payers, providers and patients is a major challenge for drug manufacturers. This session outlines what it takes to obtain, curate and deliver the unique real-world data (RWD) assets that anchor your value proposition.

Featured speakers

Lou Brooks, Senior Vice President, Real-World Data and Analytics

Brian Solow, MD, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer, Optum Life Sciences

Our speakers offer:

  • Insight into the crucial role RWD will play in the age of targeted therapies 
  • Ideas on how to overcome challenges making these data assets useful 
  • Suggested questions to ask as you prepare to make evidence-backed value claims

Next generation outcomes-based contracts

Defining outcomes that are measurable is one thing, implementing an outcomes-based contract is something else entirely. But when you are already embedded in the data stream infrastructure, new possibilities emerge. Learn how to unlock your own outcomes-based contract capabilities.

Featured speakers

Erin Hubert, Director, Value Based Contracting, Optum Life Sciences

Allison Combs, Senior Director Product Strategy Payer Market

Mari-Pat Pusey, Senior Director, Product, OptumInsight

This session will help you:

  • Understand the current challenges with outcomes-based contracts 
  • Learn how technology, scale and service enable long-term outcomes tracking 
  • Know when to engage stakeholders across health care to bring new therapies to market

Clinical studies in the digital age

“Convenient” is not a term used to describe clinical studies — but with the right technologies connecting the right people, we can reduce the disruption in the lives of both patients and providers.

Featured speakers

Peter Payne, Vice President, Division Head, Digital Research Network

Tracy Ohrt, Director, Clinical Operations, Digital Research Network

This session will help you: 

  • Understand how technology can improve experiences for patients and providers  
  • Grasp how those advances translate into better performance for life sciences 3
  • Begin to transition away from the frustration caused by traditional clinical trial processes

Empowering precision drug development

Clinicogenomics data — created by combining whole exome or genome sequencing with well-annotated, longitudinal clinical information — offers a new frontier for insights about potential treatments, target populations and safety profiles.

Featured speakers

Dr. Ashley Brenton, VP, RWE and Genomics, Optum Life Sciences

Dr. Nancy Mendelsohn, SVP, Medical Affairs, Genetics and Rare Diseases, United Health Group

Dr. Gboyega Adeboyeje, Global Value Evidence and Strategy Lead, Oncology Biomarkers and Diagnostics, Merck

Learn how:

  • To understand the many roles clinicogenomics can play in drug development
  • The data representing people from diverse backgrounds can affect disease understanding
  • To identify the motivations of stakeholders in the discovery, development and commercialization of treatments