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How to maximize the ROI of RWD

Optum experts give a snapshot of commonly encountered pitfalls when using RWD and recommendations to help avoid them in this PMSA webinar.

Top pitfalls observed when using real-world data

The life sciences industry is increasingly drawing upon real-world data (RWD) to inform a host of business functions across the product life cycle. These include clinical trial support, market insight, comparative effectiveness, understanding care standards and more.

Despite the richness of insight available through EHR and claims-based data assets, we sometimes encounter concerns from end users about data quality and its ability to support the analytic goals of an organization. These concerns are often the result of misconceptions around what RWD reflects versus the desired analytic purpose.

During this PMSA webinar, our experts provide a useful snapshot of some commonly encountered pitfalls and recommendations to help avoid them.

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