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Navigate three critical facets of health equity

This toolkit explores what CMOs need to do to lead the way.

CMO Vital Views

Success requires strong leadership

As top clinical leaders in an organization, CMOs are key to ensuring that the clinical workforce is moving in the right direction — with clear goals around achieving equitable outcomes. It will take a collaborative and dedicated effort to uncover implicit, confirmational and structural biases making an impact.

CMOs can help to cultivate awareness and dialogue, putting goals and metrics in place to motivate clinical leaders into action. CMOs can identify areas of clinical inequity, updating systems and skillsets to address them. This toolkit explores how to take action in key areas, including:

  1. Enabling a diverse, inclusive workforce
  2. Ensuring equitable care across a diverse set of patients
  3. Addressing root causes of inequity in the broader community

Gathering information about the personal and social circumstances that impact a person’s health can help address disparity at the individual level. Begin to address the roots of health inequity now and build a foundation for sustainable cross-community efforts.

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