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Catalyze the use of RWE in the life sciences industry

Optum is helping life sciences companies use real-world evidence (RWE) to catapult learning. Want to drive impact for your own organization? Read to learn more.

January 2024 | 2-minute read

Real-world data (RWD) — and the real-world evidence (RWE) derived from these data — have made a splash in the life sciences industry in recent years, accelerating learning and driving impact for patients.

Sources like claims data and electronic health records (EHRs) capture the patient journey across specialties and sites of care. This helps life sciences manufacturers analyze their product in real-world care settings. These data can provide deep insights on costs, outcomes and health care utilization. 

Those insights help shape decisions related to regulatory approvals, payer contracts and more. 

When it comes to RWE and data, trust Optum

The breadth and depth of Optum® data and expertise make us a key partner to leading life sciences organizations. We’ve served the life sciences market for 25 years and more than 1,000 publications have employed our RWD in the past 10 years.

In 2023, Optum was recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year for best-in-class RWE information technology solutions. In addition, the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Life Science R&D RWE, RWD, Platforms, Technologies, and Consulting Services 2023 Vendor Assessment* recognized us as an industry leader.

Recently, we became a member of the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA), an industry group dedicated to accelerating patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials. We focus on these trials through our RWD-powered clinical trial solutions.

Now, we’re taking the next step in championing the use of RWE and data by joining the RWE Alliance, a group of real-world data and analytics organizations committed to advancing the use of RWE in regulatory decision-making.

The RWE Alliance brings together industry groups who recognize the value of RWE in bringing new treatments to patients. The industry coalition is dedicated to advocating for policies that support the use of RWE in stakeholder decision-making. With our commitment to helping clients harness regulatory-grade RWE across the product lifecycle, Optum is proud to join this group and work to further its goals.

Growing viable use cases for RWE across the product lifecycle

Early use cases for RWE among life sciences companies focused on post-approval studies that enhanced value messaging for health care providers and payers, justified label expansions or surveilled long-term safety. Now, RWE is poised to support a wider range of critical activities, starting at pre-launch. 

These activities include early-stage research through clinical development, launch planning, value-based contracting, long-term monitoring and ongoing patient activation. RWE can even play a role in strategic road mapping, helping to determine how attractive potential markets can be. 


Optum’s emphasis on RWE and diversity, the combination of claims and EHR data, and the incorporation of genomic insights make it the partner of choice for (biopharma) companies seeking to create higher-value treatments while improving their time-to-market.

Best Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan 2023

Ojaswi Rana

With growing stakeholder demands for quality data, the need for trusted, actionable evidence has never been greater​. That’s why we’re constantly striving to help organizations catalyze innovation and impact at every step, from development through commercialization. 

Illuminate new possibilities with RWE and data

To continue innovating and transforming patient lives, life sciences organizations must meaningfully incorporate RWE across the product lifecycle. As a group of organizations with health care data expertise across therapeutic areas, the RWE Alliance is positioned to help the industry do just that. It’s time to move the needle on the use of RWE to get patients the treatments they need sooner and improve patient outcomes.

Discover how we turn evidence into action

Interested in learning more about the value of real word evidence (RWE) in the life sciences industry? Contact us today.  

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