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Optum Claims Data

Integrating and linking deep patient data from multiple real-world sources to help clarify market dynamics and uncover insights.


Understand costs and utilization with tried-and-true data

Analyzing the right data is crucial to understanding your product's performance and the therapeutic area you're competing in.

Optum® Clinformatics® Data Mart (CDM) offers richly detailed longitudinal information needed to perform analyses critical to your organization’s business goals and product development.

Our data warehouse combines statistically de-identified patient data from multiple sources, with assets spanning member, medical claims, pharmacy claims, lab results, inpatient confinement and provider data, allowing for a more holistic evaluation of health care utilization.

Each patient’s identifier is retained regardless of breaks in coverage, giving you confidence in the unique lives in the asset. And as a 100% closed claims system, CDM contains all claims for a given eligibility period, unlike open claims systems. This gives researchers greater coverage of the patient care experience.

Valuable use-cases

Clinical, medical affairs and commercial teams can employ claims data for a range of applications. Conduct patient journey mapping to get a better grasp on the patient care experience or calculate total and disease-specific cost of care to analyze cost burden.

And since all patients in the data set have both medical and pharmacy enrollment information, you can analyze incidence, treatment, mortality or burden of disease progression knowing that the data provide a bigger picture view of patient care.

Claims data can also help you gain insight into how products are used in the uncontrolled setting of actual practice — and to what success.

Track medication launches, conduct patient market share assessments or review adherence. And post-launch, you can utilize our claims data to help monitor and minimize risk. Conduct studies to determine real-world safety profiles or risk reduction in comparative treatment studies.

With this powerful solution, you'll have the necessary cost and utilization information at your fingertips to address your team’s data and analytical needs.

Gain deeper understanding with rich, de-identified patient data



Extensive set of unique patient lives

Our data span more than a decade, covering eligibility and enrollment information on more than 81 million patients in all 50 U.S. states.



More than a third of patients in the data set have continuous enrollment information that spans three or more years.


Integrate data sources to unlock more insight

Additional data views allow for claims data to be securely linked or integrated with de-identified EHR, ZIP code or socioeconomic data.


Dedicated analytics support to drive ROI

Your researchers aren't alone. Our data scientists and analytics staff are here to help you navigate the data and maximize your investment.

Enhance your research and analysis

Clients have trusted our real-world claims data in over 300 publications in the past 5 years.


See our data in action supporting a managed care journal article

Publications supported by our data span disease areas such as oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology and more.

Product sheet

Connect and understand services and costs with claims data

How can Optum Clinformatics Data Mart (CDM) help your company answer critical questions? Get an in-depth look at our CDM asset.

Let us help you connect the dots

From data to insight to action, we catalyze innovation and commercial impact. Have questions about our claims data? Contact us today.

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