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Bassett Healthcare partnering insights

Learn how Bassett and Optum are reinventing a health system's future for success.


Advancing care through partnership

Tommy Ibrahim, MD, CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network, provides insights on reinventing a health system for success. In this video series, he offers advice on the importance of partnership, improving processes, addressing concerns and aligning missions.

A new partner strategy

Innovation, technology and support in one partner

Discover the promise of Bassett Healthcare Network, where our employees are a key focus of the relationship.

Entering into a new partnership

Timelines, process and due diligence

Accelerate the timeline by pulling in leadership early on, applying due diligence and being open to change.

Working through internal concerns

The impact on Bassett Healthcare's mission and culture

Partnering as a method and mechanism can better sustain independence as a health care system.

Lessons learned about partnerships

Advice for health systems contemplating a partnership

Hear how our partnership vision addresses our unique situation and organization while gaining scale and resources.

Featured Insights

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Reinventing a health system for success

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