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3rd Annual Optum Survey on AI in Health Care

Special report

Majority of health care executives expect return on AI investments in under three years

COVID-19 put unbelievable strain on our health care system. With industry organizations facing sharper realities around managing costs and new expectations from consumers, leaders are looking more closely at technology to pave the way to better collaboration, experiences and outcomes.

Topping the list of emerging technology in the industry is artificial intelligence (AI). The 3rd Annual Optum Survey on AI in Health Care captures how executives in hospitals and health systems, health plans, life sciences organizations and employers view AI’s ability to impact several areas of their businesses. New findings for 2020 suggest leaders understand more than ever the need to adapt quickly and build a new future for their industry.

Outlook on AI changing with the times

Download the special report for deeper insights on the executive outlook of AI in health care:

    • Perspective on practical AI application (hint: it's moving beyond predicting disease and streamlining reimbursement)
    • Where experience with AI factors in hiring talent
    • How executive views differ among organizations with AI strategies in place
    • Pandemic’s impact on anticipated time to realize AI with an ROI

2020 AI Survey Special Report

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