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Health care payment delivery solutions

We're creating a better payment experience for you and your providers.


Simplify your claim payments

If you're looking for a health payment system that enhances efficiencies and cost savings, Optum Financial® can help. In 2022 alone, we processed $300 billion in payments across 2.1 million providers.

Our payer remittance platform will enable you to:

  • Modernize payment processes — Drive electronic payment adoption and increase revenue sharing. Clients see 95% electronic payment adoption by providers.
  • Lower costs and improve the provider experience — Eliminate check printing and mailing costs, and reduce treasury and administrative expenses.
  • Simplify reconciliation with transparent transactions — Our portal and comprehensive dashboard offer visibility into all payment types and transactions.
  • Boost provider satisfaction — Offer flexible payment options, including ACH, virtual cards and checks.

We've re-envisioned health care payment delivery

Our secure, configurable and scalable platform makes payments faster and easier.


Access unparalleled network scale

Our 150+ payers are connected to 2.1 million providers.


Increase security and fraud protection

Keep sensitive information safe and reduce payment fraud.

Unlock lower operating costs

Our solutions have reduced printing, mailing and banking costs for 100% of Optum Financial clients.

Gain real-time access to data

Our portal simplifies reconciliation and eliminates processing and management costs.

Create efficiencies and cost savings

Our flexible solution integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and helps your organization move providers to efficient, low-cost electronic options.


Partner with an industry leader

Our platform allows you to process a wide range of payment types, including ACH, virtual cards and checks. And you can do it from anywhere, giving you better control and delivery of payments. Other benefits include:

  • Single, unified system of record for all payment types
  • Increased efficiency and decreased administrative burden
  • HITRUST, PCI, SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA and NACHA certified

Let's work together

As your partner, we offer tools and support to help you thrive.