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Payment solutions for property and casualty claims

Our platform moves money and data securely as one, lowering transactional costs and increasing revenue and efficiency for payers and claimants.


A new standard for payment delivery

We’ve created a smart payment delivery solution designed to help insurance payers deliver better claim payment experiences. Our property and casualty payment solutions enable you to:

  • Simplify payment processes Drive electronic adoption by making it easy for claimants to select their preferred payment method.
  • Lower costs — Eliminate check printing and mailing costs, and reduce treasury and administrative expenses.
  • Simplify reconciliation with transparent transactions — Our portal and comprehensive dashboard offer visibility into all payment types and transactions.

Simplify insurance payment processing

We’ll help you replace inflexible payment processes and costly paper checks with secure, easy and low-cost electronic options.


One of the largest provider payments networks

We process $500 billion annually in payments for 2.2 million providers and over 500 payers.*


High electronic adoption rate

Our vast network drives an electronic adoption rate of more than 85%.*


Increased security and fraud prevention

The latest in fraud prevention and 24/7 monitoring keeps information safe and reduces fraud.


Flexible options for claims payments

Pay by ACH, virtual card or check.

Easy mobile-friendly payment solutions

From now on, you can streamline the entire payment solution for property and casualty insurance claimants. Our mobile payment solution makes it easy to review claims, select the preferred payment type and sign up for electronic payments.


Partner with an industry leader

Our platform lets you process a wide range of payment types, including ACH, virtual cards and checks. And you can do it from anywhere, giving you better control and delivery of payments. Other benefits include:

  • Single, unified system of record for all payment types
  • Increased efficiency and decreased administrative burden
  • HITRUST, PCI, SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA and NACHA certified

Contact us about our property and casualty claims payment solutions

*Optum Financial book of business, 2023