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Specialty Pharmacy Management for health plan partners

We take an integrated approach to controlling specialty costs by managing across both benefits and creating a seamless patient experience.

Integrated solutions for better outcomes

We take a proactive approach to managing your specialty spend. Our goal is to help you achieve better outcomes. It starts with:


Foundation of excellence

We improve performance with advanced analytics, clinical expertise and technology.

Pharmacy benefit

We apply pharmacy levers to address specialty utilization and cost.


Medical benefit

We lower medical spend by applying a pharmacy management approach.

Connected providers

We link pharmacists and care teams to enhance patient and provider value.

Latest thinking

Featured insights

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Specialty and Weight Loss

Hear how weight loss drugs are shaping traditional and specialty spend with Optum Rx chief pharmacy officer, Mike Einodshofer. Learn about trends and outlook.

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Biosimilars to save billions in this decade

Prices for popular brand-name biologics drop up to 60% with generic-equivalent biosimilars.

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Drug pipeline report

3 new first-in-class therapies coming

See how innovation is driving the latest product development.

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Unlocking the future of specialty innovation

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Optum Specialty Compass

See how our personalized specialty expertise and custom analytics platform helps clients find the right solutions to reduce specialty trend.

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White paper

Carving out specialty pharmacy

By integrating specialty management, clients can lower their spend by up to $16 PMPM.