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Pharmacy care support for payers

We prioritize patient care through proactive insights that empower informed decisions and control costs — without compromising excellence.


Our commitment to payer support

Our care model is supported by data and analytics, and focuses on caring for the person’s whole health according to their own unique needs. We utilize real-time critical data to help payers validate quality, consistency of care and cost management controls.

A payer’s dedicated account team is available for prior authorizations support, and works directly with providers to support the process.

To patients, we offer:

  • Innovative patient engagement tools
  • A safe and cost-effective approach to infusion
  • 24/7 access to pharmacist support
  • Financial assistance support for patients who can’t afford their medications
  • Connections to health care resources that go beyond a person’s specialty condition and prescription
  • Proactive partnerships and outreach to providers to optimize patient care
  • Fast and convenient shipping so people get started on their treatments as soon as possible
  • Fully sustainable, biodegradable prescription packaging that maintains medication temperature throughout delivery

Expert pharmacy services for your members

We are uniquely positioned to help you improve health outcomes while reducing the cost of care.


Optum Infusion Pharmacy

We offer consistent, convenient and compassionate infusion services.

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Optum Specialty Pharmacy

We provide specialized treatment for complex conditions.

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Optum Home Delivery

We increase patient adherence and satisfaction with home delivery.

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Learn more about how we help

We understand that a patient’s needs may change throughout their treatment journey. We help them to get what they need when they need it, taking a hands-on approach to their therapies by offering guidance, education and compassion.

We work with providers to deliver individualized plans that care for patients. Through patient-centric services, convenient tools and a commitment to accessibility, our dedicated team supports providers and advocates for patients throughout the course of treatment.

Optum® Therapy Solutions teams provide full-service support for patients with specialty-centric therapy needs. Through this approach to care, we see an improvement in the overall patient experience.

Each patient is connected with a clinical care team made up of experts who provide comprehensive treatment according to their unique needs and life circumstances. These care teams include clinicians such as:

  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Physical therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Behavioral health specialists

Optum Therapy Solutions has a 99% patient satisfaction rate1 and nearly 30% fewer adverse events with our Optum Therapy Solutions for oncology care model.2

We’re dedicated to providing care for people, their way. This includes offering a variety of support and resources available to patients when and how they want them.

  • Virtual visits with pharmacists, clinicians and care coordinators
  • Video series explaining conditions and treatments
  • Comprehensive specialty pharmacy patient portals
  • Texting programs to support medication adherence
  1. 2018 Optum survey.
  2. Internal retrospective analysis comparing Adverse Events (AE) identified by a multicenter specialty pharmacy network to historical AE rates cited in medication prescribing information; specialty pharmacy AE rates for selected specialty medications were obtained via spontaneous reporting and patient interviews in 2017.