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Analytics for state government

Improve decision-making and outcomes with advanced analytics and integrated access to Health and Human Services information.

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The opportunity for states

Analytics can help states identify health inequities and how to improve and adjust programs. Invest in enterprise analytics and platforms to help your state integrate systems and coordinate analytics. Plus, these systems can qualify for enhanced federal financial participation (FFP).

Better decisions at all levels, for all programs

States get the insights they need to make better decisions for users at all levels and for all programs. We combine domain expertise, advanced analytics, broad data assets and workflow integration. All this and a simple, role-based user experience helps leaders and staff improve member outcomes, refine policies and improve operations.

Market-leading analytics competency

Empower health care intelligence across your health system with a recognized leader in health care analytics.


Healthcare Analytics Services Leader in 2022

Everest Group recognized Optum as having the strongest combination of vision and market impact around analytics for the health care system.


25+ years providing analytics to states

Our capabilities touch more than 50% of the Medicaid population today.


250M+ lives of deidentified data

We maintain a database spanning clinical, claims and employer benefits that is used to foster innovation and research across health care.

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Indiana case study

A timely upgrade helped Indiana be better prepared for COVID-19

A data governance initiative at just the right time helps Indiana continually improve decision-making and achieve better business outcomes.

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Solutions that drive outcomes

Explore our suite of analytics solutions for state governments

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Performance Analytics for HHS

Improve program performance and member outcomes with Optum® Performance Analytics for Health and Human Services (OPA for HHS).
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Optum Program Integrity Solutions for Medicaid

Protect taxpayer money by decreasing improper payments.
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Policy Research, Analytics and Consulting

Understand program results to deliver more value.
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Optum Rapid Insights as a Service

Create a comprehensive roadmap to better health equity with this valuable solution for states.

Speak with an Optum representative today

Find out how we can help advance analytics in your state.