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Using data to improve health equity

Together, we can identify disparities and take steps toward health equity for all Americans.

Our commitment to addressing disparities in health care

Everyone deserves to live their healthiest life. Optum Rx is committed to identifying disparities and addressing them in our mission to achieve health equity. Find out what we’re doing and how it can help your population.

Data-driven health equity solutions for diabetes treatment

Our goal is to remove the barriers that keep patients from getting the affordable health care they need. Hear from Optum Rx Chief Medical Officer, Sumit Dutta, on how we’re using data and analytics to identify and solve for health disparities in people with diabetes.

A key focus for Optum Rx is using analytics to identify inequities within the population of people we serve. Insights from that data help us better understand barriers preventing patients from getting the care they need.

Dr. Sumit Dutta, Optum Rx Chief Medical Officer

Health Equity Vision Into Action Report

Learn how identifying and addressing disparities in health care allows everyone to live their healthiest life.

Advancing health equity: How Optum Rx Is overcoming challenges

Thought leaders discuss the intentional vigilance needed to overcome obstacles impeding better access to health care for all.

Addressing pharmacy issues that matter to you

From specialty pharmacy to drug affordability, our experts tackle your biggest pharmacy challenges.

NEJM Catalyst Q&A: Health equity

UHG leader Catherine Anderson on building blocks of a health equity strategy, partnerships and leveraging resources for sustainable impact.

From food pantries to clothes for work – if your members need help locating free or reduced cost services, resources, and support, send them to Optum Community Connector.

Talk with an Optum Rx representative about advancing health equity.