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2024 Annual Health Care Trends Report

Get expert analysis for C-suite health care leaders on the forces driving change. Explore challenges, what to watch and how to move forward.


7 trends driving health care transformation in 2024

External pressures and wide-reaching demands combined with breakthrough innovations and the continued shift to value-based care are transforming our industry. These transformations create both excitement and uncertainty.

The 2024 Optum Annual Health Care Trends Report analyzes the major forces influencing decision-making. Through research, analysis and executive perspective, this report explores today’s challenges, what to watch and how to move forward across 7 trends:

  1.  Economic climate
  2.  Regulatory complexities
  3.  Workforce challenges
  4.  High-cost drugs
  5.  Heath equity advancements
  6.  Consumerism
  7.  Generative AI

Sustainability and growth for the most forward-looking organizations will depend on the response and collaboration around these challenges. Get prepared to guide the complex decision-making required to help your organization achieve your mission in 2024 and beyond.

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