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John Muir Health partnership insights

Learn how to lean into a partnership and determine the most important things to your organization and how to achieve them.

John Muir Medical Center

Improve care through technology and scale

Listen to William Hudson, the former CIO of John Muir Health, provide insights on a digital-first strategy, better access to resources at scale, a sprint-based approach for success, partnerships and more.

A digital-first health care strategy

Putting the community first

Learn how John Muir Health focuses on community health care through a digital-first strategy.

Expanding health care to the underserved

Meeting patients where they are

Learn how to expand access to care for underserved communities with a digital heath care transformation strategy.

A sprint-based approach for success

A key to success for John Muir Health

Listen to former CIO Bill Hudson discuss how a sprint-based approach is a key to success at John Muir Health.

Better access to resources via partnership

How partnering enables better scalability & resource access

Learn how strategic cooperation between organizations enables each partner to focus on what they are truly good at.

Learn more about how digital transformation with Optum will work for you.