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Teaming up with Task Force Movement

Learn how Optum Serve is helping to advance the health and well-being of Veterans and spouses in the trucking and cybersecurity workforce.



Optum Serve is dedicated to delivering solutions that meet the broad spectrum of health care needs throughout the federal government. We are delighted to partner with the Task Force Movement (TFM) in finding healthy avenues for military Veteran employment and retention.

TFM was developed in response to the Biden-Harris Administration Trucking Plan, a White House initiative. It focuses on partnering with key stakeholders to remedy trucking workforce challenges and building a next-generation trucking workforce.

TFM brings together military lifecycle experts, industry stakeholders, Veterans Service Organizations, Armed Forces and others to create recommendations and quickly operationalize solutions to advance career pathways for transitioning Military Service Members and Veterans entering the civilian workforce.

TFM’s vision is to create opportunities for financial stability, a sense of purpose, and work-life balance for Veterans and their families, while helping industry stakeholders find and retain quality, skilled candidates. TFM’s vision expands beyond the trucking industry to others like cybersecurity.

Optum Serve, like TFM, is committed to the well-being and support of Veterans across all aspects of service and transition. We help bring a competent, data-informed, whole-health approach to understanding the unique health needs of Veterans entering the civilian workforce, particularly in trucking and cybersecurity.

This approach includes the following:

  • Baseline research to understand the unique health needs of transitioning Military Service Members, Veterans and their families as they work within the trucking and cybersecurity industry
  • A Veteran-centric approach that pairs healthy incentives and supports for the Veterans entering the employment opportunity of their choice
  • Developing and customizing innovative solutions and purposeful touch points that address unique market conditions while focusing on a whole-health approach

Optum Serve and TFM will submit a report to the Biden-Harris Administration upon completion of this work. The report will include long- and short-term remedies and recommendations for solutions to advance the health and well-being of transitioning Military Service Members, Veterans and their families into the civilian workforce.