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On-demand webinar

Strategic growth for health systems

Learn how leaders’ decisions now will have an outsized impact — positive or negative — on their trajectory toward long-term goals.


A critical strategy that impacts health systems and how they grow

Today’s market dynamics put health care organizations in a position of unusually disproportionate focus on short-term crises and opportunities. Learning how these trends impact the industry and business environment can help health systems strategize for future growth. 

Join Aaron Mauck, Advisory Board vice president and executive partner, and Brian Michels, Optum senior strategist, for a one-hour webinar on growth strategy and how it impacts the industry. Topics include: 

  • Pressing, transformative trends that are affecting the entire industry’s business environment 
  • Key structural dynamics that will shift based on the specific actions of industry players  
  • How to be smart about a nebulous but critical strategy issue, financial viability 

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