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Success story

Improving clinical documentation improvement (CDI) efficiency

See how Lima Memorial improved efficiency with advanced technology.

Processes needed improvement

Lima Memorial Health System was striving to improve its coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) efficiency. “We needed better accuracy, reporting, tracking, and a more efficient process,” says Tiffanie Mavis, HIM manager. “We were using disjointed products and manual, time-consuming processes.”

Solving challenges with unique solutions

Lima Memorial Health System turned to Optum® Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D to help address these challenges.

Several key metrics improved almost immediately. “In the first month, our medical necessity denials decreased by 37%,” Mavis explains. “Our clean claim rate rose, and we had less rework from getting it right the first time.”

Could your coding and clinical documentation program use a boost? Download Lima's success story to learn how CAC and CDI 3D could help your organization.

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