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Real Talk on Real-World Evidence: Practical Applications in 2021



Capturing insights into the pandemic

In recent years, life sciences companies have touted the potential of real-world evidence (RWE) to provide insight into several novel use cases, from clinical trial recruitment to label expansion and appropriate use.

In 2020, the global pandemic greatly expanded the use of real-world evidence by researchers, clinicians and regulators to advance diagnosis, clinical trials and care delivery. In 2021, clinicians and life sciences leaders must capitalize on this greater acceptance of real-world evidence to further expand potential use cases.

Hosted by Advisory Board, Optum Life Sciences

Register for our virtual fireside chat, “Real Talk on Real-World Evidence: Practical Applications in 2021.”

Leaders from Advisory Board Research and Optum Life Sciences discuss how the next wave of RWE use cases can help address health disparities, improve trial designs, and demonstrate the value of innovative therapies.


Brandi Greenberg, Vice President, Life Sciences and Health Care Ecosystem Research, Advisory Board

Lou Brooks, Senior Vice President, Data & Analytics, Life Sciences, Optum

Ami Buikema, MPH, Principal Consultant, HEOR, Life Sciences, Optum

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