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The rising cost of cancer care

Understand the trends and how to respond.



As the country continues to grapple with COVID-19 and adjusts to a new administration, health care stakeholders will refocus on driving sustainability and affordability in the system. 

Inevitably, the longstanding priority of oncology costs will come back into the spotlight. In fact, the cost of cancer care is expected to rise to over $246 billion in the United States by 2030,1 driven in large part by exciting — but costly — treatment innovations.  

Join a panel of oncology and pharmaceutical experts from Advisory Board and Optum to:

  • Discuss the new administration’s priorities, what to expect, and the impact on oncology 
  • Explore the factors driving costs — from diagnosis to survivorship and end of life 
  • Understand the perspective of and implications for plans, providers, manufacturers, and patients
  • Learn strategies to ensure high-quality, cost-effective cancer care



Deirdre Saulet
Expert Partner and national spokesperson, Advisory Board


Natalie Trebes
Director, Health Plan Research, Advisory Board


Manasi Kapoor
Managing Director, Life Sciences and Ecosystem


Sarah Dye
Senior Vice President, Optum, Medical Benefit Management

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