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Preserving talent and enabling career growth

The Optum Market Performance Partnership is designed to help health systems achieve strategic, operational outcomes while preserving talent.


Commitment to improving care while preserving talent

We provide our partners a viable option for maintaining sustainability while also helping preserve local talent and create new career opportunities for employees transitioning to Optum.


Transformation through employee transition

Learn how Optum provides transitioned employees a flexible work environment and immense opportunities for professional development.

Unfiltered: Employee transition success stories

Meet our employees and learn about their upward career trajectory after joining Optum.

Jess Sands

Revenue Cycle Service Delivery Lead

Focuses on RCM service delivery and ensuring Optum delivers operational expectations against service level agreement targets.

Jess's profile

Jamie Govern

Medical Lab Technician, Epic Ancillary Manager

Leads multiple teams that develop and maintain the EMR while focusing on the performance of leading-edge technology.

Jamie's profile

Melody Merchant

Clinical Quality Analyst

Focuses on developing innovative, efficient and effective quality program reporting in collaboration with hospital leadership.

Melody's profile

Necia Doyon

HIM Director

Focuses on key initiatives to meet or exceed DNFB (Discharge Not Final Billed) metrics and driving efficient coding services.

Necia's profile

Danielle Yenchik

Associate Director of Patient Access Services

Frontline work ensuring accurate data collection resulting in maximum reimbursement for the client.

Danielle's profile

David Bettoncourt

Associate Director, Risk Operations

Leads operations, responsible for claims, configuration, customer service and risk identification and capture.

David's profile

Sean K. Peleras

Director, IT Service Management

Focuses on defining and implementing strategy that promotes service management and operational best practices.

Sean's profile

Amanda Stewart

Manager, Business Analyst

Focuses on strategic alignment, continuous improvement and leadership capabilities to drive partnership performance expectations.

Amanda's profile

Robin Morgan

Certified Coder, Revenue Integrity

Analyzes and ensures proper health care reimbursements for target accounts.

Robin's profile

Robust change readiness process, recipe for successful alignment

Our Strategic Alignment Leader, Mica Mione, discusses how Optum uses various tools and processes for successful culture and mission alignment with health systems.