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Reducing avoidable Medicaid claims denials

How the right technology can modernize the claims process? Watch’s interview with John Campbell of Optum.

86% of denied Medicaid claims are avoidable

Medicaid programs are complex, as are Medicaid billing and reimbursement rules. Avoidable denials place a huge burden on Medicaid providers, which has an impact on their willingness to remain in the program. It’s a compounding issue that affects both payers and providers.

States are looking at technologies that can provide transparency into program rules, policies and procedures. New technology solutions can allow providers to construct their claims in a clear and simple manner, based on member eligibility and program rules.

In this episode of “In Case You Missed It,” Dustin Haisler and Joe Morris of interview John Campbell, director of product management for Optum State Government Solutions. John shares use cases in which states have implemented these technologies — with improved outcomes and unforeseen benefits.

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