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Interest rates and fees

Learn about fees and interest rates for your Optum Bank HSA.


ATM and outbound transfer fee:

$2.50 per ATM transaction that Optum Bank charges. In addition to the Optum Bank ATM fee, the bank/ATM you use to withdraw funds may charge you a fee.

No unnecessary fees

We’ve done away with many unnecessary bank fees associated with your HSA.

To help you save more money, you will not be charged: 

  • A wire transfer fee 
  • A return or paid nonsufficient funds (NSF) fee 
  • An official check fee 
  • An excess contribution fee 
  • A returned deposit item fee 
  • A stop-payment fee 
  • A research fee 
  • A document copy fee 
  • A check processing fee (or ACH fee)

Earnings: Interest rate and APY

Your HSA may earn interest at tiered rates. Interest is accrued daily and paid monthly; rates vary. To find your current interest rate and annual percentage yield (APY), sign in to view your account details.

Your interest rate and corresponding APY can also be found on your monthly statement. Earnings are variable and subject to change.