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Provider telehealth use and experience survey

Balance the benefits and barriers of virtual care.

Improve provider satisfaction with telehealth

According to Trillian Health, 38 million people created 96 million telehealth visits in 2020. Providers have since adopted telehealth at a massive scale. This surge in adoption has revealed both the value and pain points of virtual visits.

We partnered with Qualtrics to understand the past, current and predicted use of telehealth among providers. Our survey also identified the top barriers and benefits physicians see when using telehealth with their patients. 

Download the e-book to get:

  • A breakdown of provider telehealth usage throughout the pandemic
  • Insights on how patients access and schedule virtual visits
  • The telehealth features and frustrations providers say impact their virtual care experiences
  • Six technology enhancements providers say would improve telehealth

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