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Pharmacy Network Strategy

Our full-spectrum pharmacy services are designed to provide affordable access to prescription medications and therapies.


Independent Strategy

This is depending on market availability.


Enhanced Reimbursement and Payment Predictability

Still receiving paper checks? Receive your payments faster by eliminating mailing-time lags and sign up for EFT today! Utilize the 835 Payment Advice Form to receive detailed listings of claim activity. Reference the Optum Rx PLB codes and increase the ease of reconciliation.

Health Equity Products

This is depending on market availability.

Resource Bridge

Resource Bridge is an innovative new product offered by Optum Rx to its new or existing clients (based on availability).

Bridge to Healthy Baby

Bridge to Healthy Baby aims to bridge disparities in access to prenatal and postnatal care for both mother and baby.

Bridge to Virtual Care

Bridge to Virtual Care aims to bridge disparities in access to care within the pharmacy space.

Bridge to Pharmacy Care

Bridge to Pharmacy Care aims to remove friction for Optum Rx members who may have been impacted by pharmacy deserts.

Bridge to Wellness

Bridge to Wellness is designed to enhance data-driven patient-care opportunities for our clients’ members.

Pharmacy Network Quarterly eNewsletter

Optum Rx introduces a new pharmacy network quarterly newsletter to showcase new innovative products, services, and quick links to improve the pharmacy experience.