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New digital book published by O'Reilly

From digitization to the rise of savvy and connected consumers, healthcare is on the cusp of significant breakthroughs that will make it work better for everyone. Technology innovation experts from Optum take you through the tech trends and changes revolutionizing healthcare.

Technologies like virtual assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), genomics and blockchain are changing the way consumers approach healthcare. Technical and business audiences — including healthcare industry executives, scientists, engineers and investors — will learn how organizations are driving change for consumers, providers and payers alike.

In this new book release from O’Reilly, you’ll explore:

  • How growing costs and emerging technology impact healthcare and consumers
  • Game-changing technologies including blockchain, graph technologies, AI, deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Real-world use cases that demonstrate how industries prudently apply these technologies to solve today’s business problems
  • Business case studies that reveal how emerging technologies can be used in the future
  • What the healthcare industry might look like in the next five years

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State of Healthcare Technology
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