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Optum Bank Academy

Earn wellness dollars by completing a course that is tailored to your needs. Once you sign in, click on Optum Bank Academy. 

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Prepare for financial wellness

Learn how to make the most of your health savings with an interactive educational series available exclusively to Optum Financial account holders. Each course is designed to help you understand how to maximize your health accounts and reach your goals. After logging into your account, click on Optum Bank Academy to select your path.

  • Experience personalized courses based on your situation
  • Establish a customized savings plan tailored to your current and future needs
  • Earn wellness dollars by completing a course

Course catalog:

  • HSA - understanding your account
  • HSA - cost of care
  • HSA - take control of your health care dollar
  • HSA - fund your future
  • FSA - how to plan and save
  • FSA - navigating the claims process



Maximize your Health Savings Account (HSA)

Whether you've just opened an HSA or you're preparing to retire, our courses are here to help guide you in making the most of your accounts.

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What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Learn how an FSA works, how to plan for annual contributions, how to submit claims so that you can get reimbursed quickly and more.

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Earn wellness dollars

Optum Academy guide

This guide will help you be successful in completing the course series to receive your Qualcomm incentive.