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Optimize patient access with automation and technology


Delaware Valley Community Health sees success with a digital front door

As health systems struggle to maintain margins, hospital leaders cannot afford to miss opportunities to improve patient access and experiences. A consumer-centric digital front door strategy can help support better clinical outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and financial performance.

To improve efficiency, expedite patient access processes and deliver better patient experiences, Delaware Valley Health turned to Optum to help employ a new front door strategy that uses advanced technology to automate processes. Delaware Valley Community Health is a federally qualified health center serving nearly 50,000 patients in the Delaware Valley area of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In this session, attendees will learn to:

  • Outline the key issues associated with the patient access function, including both financial and clinical metrics used to evaluate those issues.
  • Describe technological advances that can help speed the patient access journey, improve patient access efficiency, retain patients within network and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Develop a plan of action for outsourcing patient access call center operations with clear ROI.

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