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See how our care changed Mickey’s life


Mickey, Medicare Advantage Optum patient

Mickey’s story

What do health care and the symphony have in common? Optum nurse practitioner Patricia Summers knows the answer to that.

Patricia thinks of primary care doctors as orchestra conductors. Just as a conductor leads an orchestra, a primary care doctor guides a health care team. The conductor brings together many different instruments. Each one plays their own part. Yet, they harmonize to create a beautiful symphony.

It’s the same way at Optum. Doctors, nurses and others all play a role in giving care. But everyone on the care team follows the same sheet music, if you will. They all want the very best for their patients.

The Optum care team and Medicare Advantage difference

Working with an Optum specialist like Patricia can be lifechanging. It was for Mickey. That’s because these specialists work closely with your doctor and care team.

“Everybody is working together to get me better. That’s my goal,” Mickey said. “Optum helps you talk with all your medical teams.”

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