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Victoria Reese: Mom, CEO, Black woman with MS

In this 4-week series, she shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis and inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.


Meet Victoria

At the age of 25, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And what she experienced as a Black woman was startling. Learn why, in her own words.

My earthquake: Getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Victoria Reese with her husband and daughter

I was living my best life. Then came the numbness and tingling.

This is my new life

Victoria smiling in two different photos.

I tried to educate myself, but there was nothing about Black people with MS.

Creating an MS community for Black women


I was missing from the MS narrative. It was my duty to unite other Black women with this disease.

Help advance MS research and representation


Whether MS affects you or a loved one, you can make a difference.