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Many ways to support the Black MS community

By Lauren Lawler, PharmD, CSP
Manager of Specialty Clinical Programs, Patient Services
Optum Specialty Pharmacy

October 20, 2023 | 2-minute read


MS events, advocacy and activism

These organizations offer chances to raise MS awareness by providing volunteer opportunities and hosting charity runs, walks, biking events and more:

Better representation

These organizations work to improve our understanding of MS prevalence, disease course, response to therapy and more:

  • The National African Americans with MS Registry works to better estimate how many Black people have MS and where they live. The registry also tracks barriers to care and strategies to undo inequities of access.
  • The Food and Drug Administration encourages people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to participate in clinical trials since some may react differently to medications than others.

Victoria Reese: Mom, CEO, Black woman with MS

In a 4-week series, she shares candidly about symptoms, diagnosis and inequities — and how to better support the Black MS community.