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Let’s Talk: The latest takes in the life sciences industry

Thought-provoking insights and discussions capture what’s on the minds of innovative life sciences leaders.


Learn how biopharma leaders tackle their big challenges

Join Optum Life Sciences leaders as they facilitate meaningful discussions on topics, including real-world data, precision medicine and more. Through these conversations, we identify actionable insights that tackle some of our toughest challenges in the industry to help improve patients' lives.

Our conversations

Let's Talk with Sheenu Kachru, CEO, Optum Life Sciences

Let’s Talk: Interview #1

Life sciences trends

We kicked off the series with Sheenu Kachru and her reflections on 2022 and her thoughts on the state of the industry in 2023.

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Let's Talk with Jason Spangler, MD, MPH, FACPM; CEO, Innovation and Value Initiative

Let's Talk: Interview #2

Value assessment

Learn how the Innovation and Value Initiative helps to advance the science, practice and use of health technology assessment in health care.

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Let's Talk - Chris Boone, PhD, VP and Global Head of Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Abbvie

Let's Talk: Interview #3

Real-world data and precision medicine

Chris Boone weighs in on what's needed to propel personalized disease prevention and treatment efforts forward.

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Let's Talk: Interview #4

Health equity and clinical trials

Shalini Mohan and Jamie Freedman share how their work challenged clinical development myths and supported underserved communities.

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