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See how our care changed Laurie’s life


Laurie, Medicare Advantage Optum patient

Laurie’s story

As an Optum doctor, Dr. Neil Gokal loves getting to know his patients as people. When Laurie first limped into his office, he could see right away she needed help. In that instant, he knew he had to help turn her life around.

Laurie was in chronic pain. It got so bad that she didn’t even have the strength to watch her grandson’s baseball games. Not being there to support him broke her heart. She knew it was time for a change but didn’t know where to turn.

Talking to a doctor who cares

From the first time she stepped into Dr. Gokal’s office 2 ½ years ago, Laurie could feel the difference. Laurie opened up and told him about her struggles and pain. She told him she knew she couldn’t keep living the way she was.

Dr. Gokal and Laurie worked together to create a personalized care plan to help her to reach her future health goals.

“I was excited for what we might need to do as next steps,” Dr. Gokal explained. “And I was hopeful that we could get her back to all these things that were bringing in so much joy.”

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