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Modernizing health care: Joan's journey

To create a modern, transparent health system where everyone wins, we need to remove friction and complexities within health care.


We want something different

Health care is driven by positive intent, yet its complexities create friction for patients, providers and payers. Multiple points of approvals and alignment between providers and payers, along with disconnected information systems, lead to challenges in the individual patient experience. And the payer, provider and patient are put into an unnecessary cycle of “iterate until we get it right.”

Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith wants to generate a predictable revenue stream and to enable quality care delivery for Joan.


Joan wants the best possible care and a better understanding of next steps and costs.

ABC Payer

ABC Payer wants claims and payment accuracy to enable optimal patient outcomes.

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The care experience is full of complexity for everyone

Dr. Smith's challenges:

  • An incomplete view of evidence-based, next best actions for Joan 
  • Outdated clinical data for Joan
  • An incomplete view of ABC Payer’s payment policies
  • Unstable revenue stream

Joan's frustrations:

  • Forced to referee between Dr. Smith and ABC Payer
  • Anxiety and stress during an uncertain and scary time
  • Costs for every interaction with Dr. Smith are complicated and unclear
  • Uncertain of what to do next

ABC Payer's challenges:

  • Incomplete clinical data for Joan
  • Limited data-sharing and lag time 
  • Denials are time consuming and complex 
  • The most complete view of their own payment policy, which varies by payer

Our goal: Creating a transparent network where everyone wins

With solutions that foster next generation alignment between payers and providers — for the benefits of patients — we will reduce friction and waste, build greater collaboration and communication, and transform the underlying systems to better serve the people who rely on us.

Enable clinical/cost information sharing

  • Proactively combine and share clinical and cost information for the payer, provider and patient.
  • Share payer payment options upstream into provider claims workflows to validate claims based on payer agreements and required clinical data.

Eliminate lag time

  • Drive the right, real-time clinical information to the point of care for more informed and clinically advanced patient decisions and improved care delivery.
  • Eliminate prior authorization roadblocks between payers and providers.

Drive scalability

  • Facilitate the provider-payer flow of clinical and cost information at scale to increase efficiency.
  • Helps payers and providers to better partner on behalf of the patient.

Improve financial experience

  • Modernize and streamline the financial side of health care using digital technology to deliver clear options and costs patients can navigate.
  • Options are informed by evidence-based guidance and patient benefits and preferences.
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A health care journey benefiting everyone

Dr. Smith’s experience now:

  • Clinical and cost information are in sync
  • Evidence-based medical standards are delivered at point of care
  • Streamlined treatment approvals and payments are fully automated over time

Joan’s experience now:

  • Clear and complete care plan
  • Positive financial experience

ABC Payer’s experience now:

  • Scales across the health care system
  • Clarity of coverage in sync with Dr. Smith’s understanding

See how we're accelerating to a transparent network