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HSA-FSA payment card: Pay the smarter way

Watch this video to learn more about the smart and convenient way to pay for everyday eligible health items. 

Use Your HSA-FSA Card to Cut Health Costs | Optum Financial

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Manage your account

Get all the tools you need when you’re on the go so your health account is always at your fingertips.

Qualified expenses

Questions about what you can buy?

Your account covers thousands of qualified items like contact lenses, hearing aids, cough drops and more.

Using your health account dollars

Get more from your HSA-FSA card

Did you know you can use your card at hundreds of retailers, not just pharmacies or the doctor’s office?

Tips for spending your FSA dollars

Use your FSA funds

It’s important to understand that in most cases flexible spending accounts (FSAs) have a "use it or lose it" rule

*Savings compares using pretax income in your HSA to using after-tax income for purchases and assumes a 30% combined tax rate from all applicable federal, state and FICA taxes. Results and amount will vary, depending on your circumstances.