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Case study

Healthier outcomes for moms and babies

See how data is helping one state give support to moms and babies and create healthier outcomes for both.

Support throughout pregnancy and the baby’s first year


A collaborative effort

Confronted with a high infant mortality rate, one state established a program focused on improving infant and maternal health. The program pairs pregnant women covered by Medicaid with local organizations and home visiting services. Parents get personalized guidance and support throughout pregnancy and the baby’s first year.

Outreach to connect parents with support

The state tapped Optum to help identify women earlier in pregnancy for outreach. Since 2013, Optum has operated the state’s powerful enterprise data warehouse (EDW).

Through outreach:

  • 75,000 women were identified, about half of whom are eligible for the program
  • 25,500 were successfully contacted, with around half agreeing to be referred to services
  • 15% decrease in the state’s infant mortality rate since 2017 (as of 2020)


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