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Five outsourcing methodology differentiators

Not all health care outsourcing service providers are equal.

In health care, workforce and operational challenges continue to evolve. Many leaders in health systems, hospitals, physician groups and health plans find value in outsourced service partner relationships.

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How do you select an outsourcing vendor?

Evaluating outsourcing vendors can be a daunting task. There are evolving methodologies to differentiate the leaders in delivering health care services. Conventional models only categorize vendors in three ways: strategic partners, tier-two providers and staffing groups.

Everest Group recommends considering these five factors (SLOTS) when making your selection, to ensure your partner brings the talent and operational expertise your organization needs:

  • Staffing
  • Legacy aggregators
  • Orchestrators
  • Transformational partners
  • Specialists

In the full report, Everest Group explains its ranking criteria, compares 29 predominant health care service providers and details why Optum is recognized as the Leader.

PEAK Matrix® Service Providers of the Year

Optum was recognized as the Leader for its approach and capabilities, innovation, and investment in a variety of managed services. Among 20 competitors, Optum received top scores as a service provider that delivered value to its clients.

In the last two years, Everest Group has looked at the healthcare service provider capabilities from a variety of lenses. These include healthcare digital services, payer operations, providers digital, RCM operation and more. Optum emerged as the Leader of the assessment.

Learn more about provider capabilities from Optum.