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How health equity can be a catalyst for growth

Providing better care for the underserved is vital for healthier communities. It can also be a wise strategy to unlock organizational growth.


Executive conversation: Health equity

When health care organizations and professionals recognize how to meet people where they are, with personalized care, they build genuine connections and trust. That’s health equity. 

In this video, hear 3 examples of how leaders can:

  • Reach more people by addressing underserved communities
  • Build loyalty by understanding how people want to engage
  • Improve quality and lower costs with personalized, early interventions

Acting on these strategies is critical to building a modern, sustainable health system that offers high-quality care for all. 

Presented by: 

Maia Lang, Vice President of Health Equity at Optum 

Catherine Anderson, Senior Vice President of Health Equity Strategy at UnitedHealth Group

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