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Health care innovation to tackle the workforce crisis

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and Optum leaders examine human-focused innovations for the health care workforce.


Tech and innovative concepts for reimagining the workforce

Work volumes, staff shortages and long hours are testing the limits of health care workers. Innovation is needed to tackle this crisis. Transformative technology is not a solution on its own. But it can be an important enabler of human innovation.

To examine findings from a recent report on innovations to solve the workforce crisis, CEO of Optum Advisory Services & Advisory Board Lisa Collins, CNO of Optum Health and COO of Optum Home & Community Care Kristy Duffey and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Managing Director Alex Clemente discuss:

  • Pandemic-era impacts to the workforce
  • How technology can be transformative in enabling human innovation
  • Mental health and wellness for health care professionals
  • Innovative workforce concepts from forward-thinking organizations

Now is the time to examine human-focused innovations that enable new and effective ways of organizing the health care workforce for lasting change.

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